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The Charge

It's somewhat confronting to come to the conclusion that you don't want anything but sex and violence. At its core, the animal will is to fuck, reproduce, and dominate; and beyond that there is not much drive but to sleep and survive with the herd. You might get hungry sometimes, but that's about it. Death and cannibalism are immensely satisfying, the predator asserting its power. Yet all this intensity of sheer visceral, raw force is constantly restrained, held in check by our human social pretenses of propriety, civility, chastity and restraint. There's no room for the animal will and force in society; it is shunned, locked up and hidden out of sight, out of mind.

Paradoxically, the drive to reach enlightenment is what unleashed the drive of the animal; the desire to go beyond physical limits turning over the raw depths of physical intensity. Divinity holding space for the animal; the human condition as a bridge between Spirit above and underground Will below, meeting in a depth of gentle warmth and feeling in the heart.

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