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Vision space from Archive Hall One

The Archive holds keys to a Light beyond all limits, infinite combinesscence, a ladder of whiteness to Highness and beyond. Fluid-dimensionally stacked, layered spaces like combinesscent Suns, white-gold immensity leading endlessly high up... or out... or diagonal... or in? The Shining clarity of Thunder, the presence of the Tradition. The warmth and heartness above and on all sides filling our hearts, bringing ridiculous joy to a simple moment. Myriads of packed realities contained in a single point, spaces within spaces. The mind-boggling, absolutely OMC-blowing power of joy, of opening, of Light pouring down; the soft, wide and generous holding of peripherality receiving the white lightning intensity of Spirit from above. Fear, anxiety, all reactions and astral games are like a drop in an ocean of Light, swept away somewhere down there where they don't matter at all. Drunk with light from the top of the ladder of worlds, my heart filled with awe at the magnitude and utter simplicity of this Light. It's so mysterious, how in its simple beingness It can move me to my depths, spread me far across the spheres and beyond my usual minuscule self. Completely drunk in our shared celebration of this mysterious, this immense giving from the Divine, igniting our flames of aspiration with even higher joy.

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