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TOP! Archive Vision

Barkhan Seer, Master of No Limits. The combinesscence of the Archive people, a multitude of warm, generous giving presences in a single Solar point. Barkhan Seer, Teyani, the Eagle's Whiteness, the demanding presence of Lord Gana and the Sons of Apollo. the warmth and Fire of Thunder. Rolling vision above, cognizing the Self all the way from the Edge of Highness. An immensely wide and giving, touching depth of heart in the space, the foundation for a unified cathedra of Thunder, beauty, magnificent giving from the Archive. In this fire-ness, there is choice over astral dominance, and in this warmth the choice is clear. To the Point, Brother Knight! All Glory to the Teacher!

Man, I am getting the shit cooked out of me, and I fucking love it. Heh... combinessence with the Archive as a leading to the Ego, revealing mysteries past, present and forever.

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