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Refining towards Self, dropping deeper grasping

The power is in the holding, the stillness, the vastness. Voltage goes up like a million lightning golden Suns, a feeling of unstoppable strength, arrogance like a warrior god; then expansion and stillness, a white line to Highness, a falling away into simplicity. The feeling of being held in my own presence, immensity, forces of the macrocosm above and below in me. Resting on the golden principle of Life, Creativity, ever celebrating from below, a horizontal goldness and vastness of heart, on bodily horizontality and above, fluid. The feeling of packed fire above, a presence vast and penetrating like the gods, a sense of Self, knowing, embracing in its fullness. Combinessence with the Archive knowing myself in timelessness, in fullness, in Cosmic Fire. Stillness above, stillness below, and lo! - the clarity of the simple White Line above, voltage on all sides, stillness, calm and clarity at the center, extending up and up and up into infinite White Light. Edge of Highness, Whiteness eternal, forever Love. Endless Fire. Massive, universal principles of the Ego around, holding, refining, a softening below yielding receptivity to infinity above and within. All Glory to the Teacher.

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