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Fire and softness

Today there was a real shift in my relation to this fire of consciousness we've been discovering. I have a deep and real desire to know this fire, be this fire; the fire and density of my will, my Ego; the fire and hyper-real density of higher worlds, higher forces. And yet these states of being are ever-present, they simply Are; the doing is in softening, letting go, allow space for active receptivity. A resting, a holding, in the light and presence of these principles; allowing my heart and presence to shine through. It makes a huge, huge difference in engaging will and fire from this softening and fluidifying principle of the atom, of letting go; such an ease and lightness of heart, a real deep enjoyment of the states, that comes from this standpoint! Grasping and trying to be fiery and intense all the time is exhausting, and from the OMC. Letting go doesn't mean dropping the level of fire and aspiration; on the contrary, it makes those states sustainable and reveals their simplicity and beingness. What is fire? What is aspiration? What is will? What is letting go? Many questions to hold and deconstruct through.

Last night in the space of the Philadelphias, I made a vow in the light of the Tradition, Gervin and Barhkan Seer present, the Sons of Apollo - that this is the path, this is my mission. The path of the Knights. I want to know that fire, and for that I will give my uttermost - everything counts. I felt the response from above, an engaging of my will, a holding and hearing of my aspiration and engagement. Allowing all of me to be seen - the parts that are afraid, exhausted, hesitant; and the parts that know, are, see Fire. Softness and fluidity is more important than ever as I engage more and more will. Continuing the vow to protect the people of the Philadelphias, carry the Light for humanity, fighting the battle within to know myself and battles without for the hope of all. May the device be with you! To the work.

All Glory to the Teacher!

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