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Lunch at Tiffany's

Praise the Great Apollo, Bobby! All Glory to the Teacher, Master Barkhan Seer!

Part 1

Arriving at the door, it seems a nondescript building with a dark red awning covering the sign, "Tiffany's," written in elegant cursive script. Center and periphery, I walk in ready for action - it's Dragon time.

Things move quickly - the cougar-aged blonde at the front shows me to the waiting room, where she gives a brief introduction. She's dressed conservatively, in a white button-up and grey slacks.

"Have you ever been here before?" A professional tone, polite and to the point.


"Well, welcome. We offer full-service, in case you didn't know; all the details are beside you. I'll send one of the girls in now."


She walks out, leaving me in the posh, red-and-black themed room on a thick red satin sofa. A montage of various sexual acts plays on the TV above me, mostly white girls and faceless white penises. Smartly designed flyers breaking down rates and rooms sit along the countertop and side table.

Less than a minute later, a tan, exotic looking woman with lime-green eyes enters. She brushes back her brunette hair and primps her lip gloss as she makes eye contact with me. She struts in wearing high heels, a tight black skirt and an attractive red top revealing her shoulders.

"Hello, what's your name?" She sits on the couch beside me, knees lightly touching mine. A touch of awkwardness in her voice, not sure how much sex appeal to put on.

"Hi, I'm Andalib." I smile, warm and forthcoming. My belly is engaged, and she replies with a coquettish smile and leans in closer.

"Oh, that's lovely! Never heard it before. Where's it from? I'm Honey, hahaha..." She's cute, but oozes fakeness from the cat-like contact lenses to her sexless seduction tones. Not the belly I came looking for, so I ask for the next girl.

A girl named Beth, or something else forgettable, walks in and sits down. After introductions ("Oh wow! Where's your name from?") she asks, "Do you know what you want?"

Ah, yes. "I'm looking for a bit of a mix between the girlfriend experience and some femdom. Start off with kissing, making out and so on... then let you take control, maybe bring out some toys."

She nods matter-of-factly, "Well, I don't do dominant at all, so you might want to talk to someone else then."

"Alright, thanks!" She disappears into the revolving door of women.

A third prospect walks in, beaming at me. Tall, with wide birthing hips. Nice set of tits. Cute face, brown hair. "Hi, I'm Abby!"

"Hi, I'm Andalib. Nice to meet you!" Rumbling in the charge below as she sits down, casually rubbing my knee. As we talk, I reach over and stroke her hand, and tune in - she's not just interested in my money.

After telling her what I want, she replies, "Yeah, we can definitely do that, we'll have some fun. Girlfriend experience, pornstar experience, I can do both." Slightly broken English, cute European accent. Reminds me of Isabel's voice.

"Nice, nice! Do you do toys by any chance? Maybe..." Second of hesitation, tightening in the belly, "Maybe strap-ons, vibrators?"

She briefly hesitates as well, "Yeah... yeah, I can do that. Pornstar experience, girlfriend experience, sounds fun!"

"Sweet. By the way, how long have you been working here?"

"Oh, just two weeks. I used to strip, then started here after a friend said I should check it out."

"Oh, cool!" Brief silence. "Well, thanks. I definitely like you, but I want to meet some of the other girls too. I'll call you back in!"

"Okay!" She smiles again, takes her hand off my knee and walks out, leaving me to gaze intensely behind her.

Next was a girl I'd been asking for, Paige. Tall redhead dominatrix, does lovey-dovey stuff as well. Expecting her to penetrate me with just her presence, based on my imagination. Whew!

She walks in confidently, smiles and says hi. She's older than I expected; the website didn't show her face. Saggier boobs than I thought, too.

"I was asking about you in particular; I heard you do both GFE and kinkier femdom stuff."

She smiles and looks at the wall for a moment, then back at me. "Yep, that's right. Have you tried anything this before?"

I shake my head, keeping my excitement cool. "Just messed around with a girlfriend in the past."

She looks back at the wall, reminiscing or something. Not quite radiating the sexual energy I expected; maybe she holds back until she's in bed? "Gotcha. Well, I do edging - you tell me when you're close, and I'll stop, have you do some breathing in and out until it calms back down. It's a lot of fun, and it makes the finish... bigger, more intense, you know?"

"Yeah, yeah!" I smile enthusiastically.

She smiles at me a little and looks back at the wall, "I also love having my boobs played with, it's great."

"Cool, you do strap-ons and stuff?"

She only glances at me in between sentences. What's so interesting about that bloody wall? "For sure, I have two suitcases of stuff I can bring out."

I raise my eyebrows. "Wow, sounds like you're pretty experienced."

She looks right at me for the first time in a while, smiling slightly, "Yeah, you could say that. I love controlling you, having my boobs played with... it's fun."

Not feeling a spark, really. Maybe she's just a professional control freak. "All about you then, eh?"

She laughs, "Mostly."

"Well, thanks. I want to meet the last girl, but I'll let you know."

She smiles and walks out. I breathe a slight sigh of relief.

An Asian girl with a wide face walks in, giggling nervously. She introduces herself as Tara, gawks and stumbles over my name. Can't really see myself making out with her, so I send her out quickly and ask for Abby to come back.

She beams and says, "Hey! Did you decide?"

"Yeah, let's do an hour and a half in the spa room." I smile, tingling with anticipation. She grabs me by the hand - soft! - and leads me to the back.

"I'll be right back, just need to bring the bill." She leaves me in a room with a lit up jacuzzi and a triangular leather bed of sorts on one side. A cooler with colorful libations sits beneath the counter. Two black silk robes hang across from the shower. A massive bust of Adonis adorns the black tiled wall, and another screen flashing wonderful acts of debauchery sits above the bed.

We've entered Hades.

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