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Vision on the Sydney Baha’i temple

Entering the premises, an upward whoosh of superastrality, light, levity, presence. Clicking into the familiar Whiteness and Solar goldness, radiance, of the twin Prophets. Gearing into fiery Australian land energies below, a solidness of foundational holding supporting my [currently exhausted] etheric. Enthusiasm and effortlessness in the jing... is that the worlds of the gods, already?

A solidness of connection above, quite formidable. Resonance with the Knight in me. Entering the temple and tuning in, a vastness and combinessence, shooting into vast, clear skies and spaces above. Requesting access. Hmm, how? OMC getting in the way... feeling the parts of me woven by the Archive, the parts resonating with Baha’i connections... resonance between traditions above. A point where distinctions down here dissolve and aspiration flares. A knowingness is available... the Concourse on High, a combinessence of humans and beings across cosmological levels, a glorious Solar combinessence... the Fields of Peace, the worlds of the gods, the sky of the gods... the central twin connections present.

Reading from the prayer book, allowing words to bypass the OMC and become a living force above in verticality. A resonance with Baha’s massive aspiration; the Divine as a force of awakening, breaking limits. Channel release... a massive heartness above, world-embracing fiery love, a deep opening in my heart below. The horizontal dimension of fellowship among humanity, heart to heart becomes presence to presence, Spirit to Spirit. A holding of great forces of giving, cosmic love and awakening for humanity.


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