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Movie "review" - Ghost 1990

My God. Ghost with Patrick Swayze is a masterpiece. It touches me so deeply... the scene where Sam possesses Whoopi Goldberg and caresses Demi Moore... it reaches into this part of us that wonders, do the people we love care about us after we die? Can we feel them, feel their love? Is that world accessible to us? It feels so close, there... And the Great Light, when Sam finally dies and it's his time to go... my God, I cried. I really cried. Something in me misses this Light so much... a profound sense, I know this Light, it's everything beautiful and perfect with the world... I miss it so much! Just a moment with that Light can transform a lifetime, here... like Demi was touched, "All that love, take it with you," Sam said to her, she gains the ability to see him, a blessing from the Light... And then he joins the other souls in the Fields of Peace... words can barely describe it, this visionful experience was meant to be a movie. A real initiation of the 90s. I think I have a new favorite movie (on the list, for sure). No wonder it was the highest grossing movie of its year... to the OMC, it's a somewhat bizzare but sweet little story, but to anyone who lets the space in at all... it touches something deep, profound and universal. I really need to know more about this director, his birth chart, his movies and other work... I can barely even bring myself to critique the cheesier parts, mostly those shadow demons who were awfully picky about just dragging the main character's enemies into the shadows, ha... ho that was OMC reflection, I'm losing the amazing space brought by that longing and resonance with the Light. Barkhan Seer. It's this universal principle of Light, it's everywhere, totally fluid... hm that's a bit grandiose, it just Is... above, below, all around us, right now... beautiful Light. Hah and the fact that "ghosts" concentrate all their emotions - astral forces - and crystallize them so they can better haunt the physical world... Unable to let go into the Light, repeating their cycles that got them to be fragments, ghosts, in the first place... the shattering of Sam's astral body after his immediate death... being attracted to old habits, "haunts," the things your emotions pull you to after death... my God. What a genius movie... I can't wait to do this KT. Also fuck Carl. Surprised Sam didn't go to the shadow realm after spending all that time seeking revenge, getting two people killed... I suppose it was out of real love for Demi's character... perhaps the director - or myself, quite likely - could do with some reflection on karma after death. Wow. I am still so touched, moved, shaken, deeply stirred... whatever this feeling is, it's unreally real. My heart...

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