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The Light

What was so magnificent about this opening was its simplicity, straight to my core... I always have something to prove, when I have vision. How strong I am, how much I can see... this was just pure beauty and pure longing. Everything else was pulling me out of opening... I can still feel a deep opening in my heart, that also highlights layers of tension and closing, complication over that pure simplicity, adoration of this Light... so soft, simple, open. I miss It. Imagine vision, being, from such a state of opening and unity with this Light...

Now back to bragging mode... I did have a neat experience last night. Walking to Baha'i feast - peripherality in the atom, held above, resting on structure... white-gold expanse of consciousness in the atom, Self in the depths looking out to the world, feels limitless in its depth and peripherality... as in the "my self as consciousness" of last IST... Total silence of the mind, in this Light, total holding. Simplicity, purity, expanse... so much opening, like this heart opening of tonight in fact, but starting within me last night... I knew it would be a visionful evening when such a space landed, and indeed it was. Could have expanded to bigger and bigger states of vision, joy, opening, silence, simplicity, were it not for something triggering a samskara faster than my awareness, and boop - closing in the heart, OMC starts to return. Not all the way, vision continued flowing through the night, on the people present, on myself... but there are limits again. Mapping my samskaras again, rather than mapping, being, infinity. Hmmm...

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