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Movie "review" - Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder... again, I know these spaces. Far too well. Such a feeling of relief, desperate relief, being saved from the endless madness of my own mind in the caverns of sickness. It's all hell, down there... until you surrender to the deconstruction, allow everything to fall away, and the Light picks you up, effortless, light and free. Barkhan Seer. A new time track. A straight line to the Philadelphias. A gift from the Light, from the Gold of the Tradition, Barkhan Seer... Angel of the future, from one Angel to another. Angel of the Philadelphias. I don't want to lose him, either of them... that's the caverns, again, that's fear... they're not so distinct, up there, above me. They're here. All Glory to the Teacher.

So much love, laid out for me in this life. No mistake. Angel of Baha... the Fellowship... a chance to learn softness. Opening, trust, humility... isn't without fire. A readiness for the future... when I meet my Teacher, I will be ready. Ready to be a Knight. TOP, Brother! All Glory to the Teacher! The Golden Sun, above... forever and ever. Barkhan Seer laughing. Praise the Great Apollo! All Glory to the Teacher! All Glory to the Teacher! Endless warmth, gold, fellowship, Brotherhood. The Fields of Peace, in my heart... Ha, Gana! Lobatchen Zerah! Hera, Gana! Simayin ho Zerah! Nama Gana, Nama Gana, Gana Gana Nam Nam... Nama Gana, Nama Gana, Gana Gana Nam Nam... fear again, what am I doing? Can this be right? The warmth, in my heart still... Lord Gana by the Molten Sea above... Warmth of the Archive, warmth of the Tradition. Praise the Great Apollo! The quest continues. Light of Thunder. Soft stillness, dense warmth, Solar Gold. Infinities of Gold, above, within... Ha, ha, ha! The simplicity of warmth, Gold, Light... it gives me so much joy! It's fucking insane! It's amazing, wonderful! My Brothers... holy fuck, that fucking astrologer was onto something! HAHAHA! I am laughing my ass off... I have more respect for the New Age, now, somehow... Ahahaha... How's that for a fucking movie review! Let's fucking die again! I'm fucking ready! HAHAHA! Out to the internet with this one... ohhh boy... All Glory indeed. Hah... man Barkhan Seer, how I love you. I can't stop laughing. Hum, there's definitely a learning to let all this wonderful goodness, joy, aspiration be seen, present, incarnated in the world... ah, the very thought warms my heart. Ahhh... a softening, relaxing warmth of Gold in the heart, I deserve it after that insanity... lol, I'm going to start laughing again. Yeah, that feels good. That feels gooo-ood. Good movie too. All Glory to the Teacher... had to keep fucking typing it. Alright, I'll give myself a break.

A postscript - I publish here not just because I think my quest will be useful to others, that's not even the primary reason (an element of OMC/samskara/pride in it...)... I want to bring my love to the world... a learning of spiritual yearning and fire (so soft, greatly sensitive! A joyful, vastly wiiiiideee spread opening of heart, Gold, above, within, below, everywhere....) being with me, with all of us, down here. A mode not of showing, but of opening, being... Alive!

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