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Endless Love and Endless Fire

Aspiring for an RR teacher... there is the yearning in my heart, and also a desire to Be More! Be Great!!! Real Teachers kick asses!!! Let's get my fucking ass kicked - I'm not here to fuck around! Fuck yeah!

Hahah. In all serious, aspiring for an RR teacher at the Lighthouse, in the space of the Philadelphias, something landed... I keep saying it's something I've never felt before, but perhaps that's not true... lightning of Highness, endless giving, infinite pouring down of Love, Cosmic Fire and Awakening as a principle of heartness. Feeling the teacher aspect as a female presence, at times.. Something of No Limits, the Knights in the Philadelphias, when the teachers and masters return... Oh yeah. Barkhan Seer! And right here, right now, this lightning Whiteness present with me, in me, above me... a timeless, infinite presence, of giving, will, and awakening! Endless love... reminds me of the White Eagle as endless fire at the Edge of Highness. Hmm... but there's also this female teacher dimension that feels so present! Reminds me of the Mia Lehrer legend... Ah, so much goodness in the Tradition! I can't wait to gear more of my power in. ...

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