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Being near the Shrines (really noticed it brisking up by the Shrine of the Báb) makes me feel clear and strong, like a Brother Knight. All Glory to the Teacher!

The Báb and Bahá’u’llah as Connections is night and day to an OMC-reverence-based “spirituality”. Churchianity vs. Christianity. This inner link feels akin to gnosis, an aspiration to further knowing and loving Them. Being entheoi in their Presence, a high Light and aspiration. Teaching the Faith becomes sharing the Light of higher worlds and Solar radiance, helping others connect with it. Prayer becomes a fire of yearning turning upwards. Laws become the desire to feel Cosmic Fire and Will in my blood, on fire with the love of God, following Truth.

Part of me is so scared that I will lose access to these precious Connections if I don’t abide by the rules and laws. I see my father’s face, stern, disapproving and not seeking to understand me or empathize with me. But if I let myself drop the astrality and open, turning upwards, tuning in, I still feel Them high above my head, Their warmth in my heart. Just like the memes of restraint that are so toxic to me are not at all present in the Spirit-filled spaces of the Shrines.

So why do the laws exist, if they constrain and bind? Perhaps something I will not fully understand. But in a world like 19th century Iran, they gave believers a divine standard to uphold, aspire to and inspire others by. Perhaps a religious reverence and code that starts in the mind is far better than a world without Spirit.

This is still a journey at its beginning. I seek to know, to heal and to grow. I feel how these two spiritual streams are harmonious, how my growth in one boosts my growth in the other. Another new start for this exciting time.

Ya Bahá’u’l-Abhá!
Ya Alí’u’l-Allah!
All Glory to the Teacher!

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