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2. Removal's story - Villains on the rise

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Removal's story - Villains on the rise

"Burglar that Removal caught last night, confessed today that hero Removal was also a criminal before. Now police is searching for Removal's real identity."
I watched news in my classroom.
Sigh, I stretched my body.
After that time, I returned to my ordinary life, high school student. Removal has literally disappeared, after giving me huge amount of money.

"Hey, Jade. Wanna go buy some sandwich?"
"Not today, Henry. I am not in the mood."
"What's wrong?"

At that time, news scene in my phone suddenly changed.
"We are having breaking news. Super villain, Jagger appeared in Ludus, our city. Please don't go outside until police captures her."
Oh no. Not now.
Suddenly my classroom got noisy, I mean, the whole school got noisy. Soon principal started broadcasting by himself, using the whole classroom speaker.
"Uh-hmm! Students, calm down! We don't need to do something else. Let's study until police - OH MY GOD! HELP ME!"
I could tell what was going on there.

Jagger did come. At my school.

Some woman voice started to come out from speaker.
"What a nice place to start purging. I am even getting curious why I haven't think about this. There's no more place than school that people are crowded. Hihihihihi..."
I ran toward the toilet to wear my hero costume. Everybody was in panic. Some students even tried to escape through window. It was certainly not a good moment.
I had to stop that villain, by myself.
I got out of the toilet, wearing costume. Nobody was there, at least I thought so. Then someone grabbed my shoulder behind.
"Jade! What are you wearing?"
"Waa! You shocked me, Henry! Wait, why are you still here? You have to escape!"
"I was waiting for you, dummy! And that costume! You were sidekick of Removal? Was that the reason you were weird these days?"
"Look, Henry. There's no time for this. Gotta go."
"Removal has gone! How are you gonna stop Jagger alone?"
"You... you are right. But... then who else can stop her?"
That time, window right next to us got destroyed.
"AHHH! Jagger!"
"Hey, little fellas. Seems like I disturbed your date, hihi. Oh, wait. You must be sidekick of Removal. Too bad that he disappeared."
I barely replied to her.
"I... I will stop you. I can knock you down alone."
"Come on, ms. sidekick. Removal haven't even named you. Maybe we can be friends, with your new name. Let's see. How about Jagger II?"
At that time, I could hear one familiar dark voice.
"That is terrible name."
Removal appeared, kicking Jagger's face.

1. Removal's story - The night changed everything

Welcome to bnch's dream. Today's story is for Removal, the hero. Let's get started.

Removal's story - The night changed everything

It's so cold, and stars are shining today.
"Good evening, Ms. J."
"You don't need to put Miss on my name."
"I will take down that criminals first. You, save the victim. Got it?"
"Got it."
We jumped down from the building. Everyone down there looked surprised.
"Who's that?"
"Me? Removal."
One criminal down as we fell, but other criminal took a knife out.
Shoo! He attacked Removal but Removal quickly moved aside.
Criminal didn't give up and tried to punch Removal. Removal avoided it, and didn't miss a chance.
Counter attack!
Removal knocked down the criminal.
I talked to the victim.
"Are you okay? Didn't they hurt you?"
"Yes, yes. I am okay."

My name is Jade Garcia. Currently working as a sidekick of hero named Removal. What I just did was saving the victim from two criminals, those who Removal just knocked down.

Removal took the criminals to the police.
"Thanks again, Removal."
"You're welcome. Always pleasure to help you."
Then a criminal suddenly shouted to him.
"Wait! You! I know your voice! You are Eddie, right? We were friends! How could you do this to me!?"
"What is he saying, Removal?"
"I don't know, officer."
"You don't know, Eddie? We were team! And you say you don't know!? Liar!"
"Let's go, J. We don't have time."
"What happened, Removal?"
"J. Please."
Removal and I moved the place. We arrived at the rooftop of a building.

Awkward silence.

I had to ask him first.
"Can you tell me what happened to you, Removal?"
"Sorry, J. It is time to tell you the truth."
He took a deep breath.
"I was a burglar 10 years ago. That guy was my team. We mainly robbed bank, and I had many enemies in my life."
I got so surprised, I couldn't say anything. He kept talking.
"Then I realized why it was bad. I was coward, who can hurt others, but can't even protect one person."
I asked. "I can't believe. Then... what will you do now? What should I do?"
"You can go. Being my sidekick was part time job after all. Don't worry. I will pay you as much as you did."
I could see his sadness under his white mask.
"Thank you. I will remember you." He said.

0. Welcome to bnch's dream

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One of my dream is watching Forrest gump, the movie.
My Art teacher once showed me a bit, but that made me really want to watch the full movie.

In the short preview that I watched, the most impressing scene was the very first scene that Forrest gump is sitting on the bench, waiting for the bus. Even in that short moment, he could tell people a lot about his life.

I want to tell you short story that I've made, in that short time as much as Forrest gump did spend on the bench.

I always wanted to create a universe on my own. So I tried drawing, writing, even making games to do it, but I was not good at all of them. The only thing I realized was that my real strength was imagining.

You may say I am a dreamer, just like lyrics of Imagine, but that was truly my strength. I just want to tell you how my universe went.

Sit on a bench, or wherever you can listen while you are doing other things.

Let's get started.