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One of my dream is watching Forrest gump, the movie.
My Art teacher once showed me a bit, but that made me really want to watch the full movie.

In the short preview that I watched, the most impressing scene was the very first scene that Forrest gump is sitting on the bench, waiting for the bus. Even in that short moment, he could tell people a lot about his life.

I want to tell you short story that I've made, in that short time as much as Forrest gump did spend on the bench.

I always wanted to create a universe on my own. So I tried drawing, writing, even making games to do it, but I was not good at all of them. The only thing I realized was that my real strength was imagining.

You may say I am a dreamer, just like lyrics of Imagine, but that was truly my strength. I just want to tell you how my universe went.

Sit on a bench, or wherever you can listen while you are doing other things.

Let's get started.

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