1. Removal's story - The night changed everything

Welcome to bnch's dream. Today's story is for Removal, the hero. Let's get started.

Removal's story - The night changed everything

It's so cold, and stars are shining today.
"Good evening, Ms. J."
"You don't need to put Miss on my name."
"I will take down that criminals first. You, save the victim. Got it?"
"Got it."
We jumped down from the building. Everyone down there looked surprised.
"Who's that?"
"Me? Removal."
One criminal down as we fell, but other criminal took a knife out.
Shoo! He attacked Removal but Removal quickly moved aside.
Criminal didn't give up and tried to punch Removal. Removal avoided it, and didn't miss a chance.
Counter attack!
Removal knocked down the criminal.
I talked to the victim.
"Are you okay? Didn't they hurt you?"
"Yes, yes. I am okay."

My name is Jade Garcia. Currently working as a sidekick of hero named Removal. What I just did was saving the victim from two criminals, those who Removal just knocked down.

Removal took the criminals to the police.
"Thanks again, Removal."
"You're welcome. Always pleasure to help you."
Then a criminal suddenly shouted to him.
"Wait! You! I know your voice! You are Eddie, right? We were friends! How could you do this to me!?"
"What is he saying, Removal?"
"I don't know, officer."
"You don't know, Eddie? We were team! And you say you don't know!? Liar!"
"Let's go, J. We don't have time."
"What happened, Removal?"
"J. Please."
Removal and I moved the place. We arrived at the rooftop of a building.

Awkward silence.

I had to ask him first.
"Can you tell me what happened to you, Removal?"
"Sorry, J. It is time to tell you the truth."
He took a deep breath.
"I was a burglar 10 years ago. That guy was my team. We mainly robbed bank, and I had many enemies in my life."
I got so surprised, I couldn't say anything. He kept talking.
"Then I realized why it was bad. I was coward, who can hurt others, but can't even protect one person."
I asked. "I can't believe. Then... what will you do now? What should I do?"
"You can go. Being my sidekick was part time job after all. Don't worry. I will pay you as much as you did."
I could see his sadness under his white mask.
"Thank you. I will remember you." He said.

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