Off to GitHub Pages

In another post, I wrote that I found a bit of a scism in having a very privacy-oriented and secure note-platform and a publishing platform mixed. In the end my conclusion is, that I don't like it. Thus I have migrated my few posts to a GitHub Pages-platform: It's still markdown-based, and even though it is less streamlined, that publishing through Standard Notes, it is still manageable. Even from the iPad.

Basically I found that it was not that obvious to me, which of my blog posts were published, and which were still in draft mode. This could probably be managed using the folder/tag-function but still. Also I kindda missed a big red warning text, saying: This post is published. Any updates will not be published until you actively do so. And finally pressing the publish felt a bit like 'blind firing'. I would have liked to be able to enable a a: Are you sure you wan't to publish the note, starting with -function before it actually got published.

Thoughts on listed

So the writing through Standard Notes actually works really well. But since Standard Notes is also a very privacy-oriented and secure note-platform, I couldn’t help but wondering if it is entirely clever to use the same application and method, to write secure, private stuff and to publish stuff for everybody to read.
It’s fairly easy to do (I’ve only do it from iPad) and the process is fairly straight forward. But I would like some form of check-mechanism, before publishing a note; i.e. the publish function allowing me to confirm which post is published, or some custom warning (I tag all my (potential and published) blog-posts with the tag ‘blog’, so it would be nice to get a warning if I tried to publish a post, without that tag).

Hello (2)

hello world

Here I am. Trying out again. Following March roadmap update from Standard Notes I will soon be able to publish from mobile devices, making this a far more relevant blogging platform for me. So right now I'm getting some fresh dirt under the nails.

I've been an user of Standard Notes for about 2½ years as of this writing. Paid user most of that time as well. Basically Standard Notes, has become my goto-place for quick and dirty notes or notes requiring a higher level of privacy.

I use it in conjunction with OneNote, where Standard Notes is my little notebook, which I carry on me all the time. OneNote is my bigger, binder-sized, notebook, which is thematically organised.

Standard Notes is where my quick and unfiltered ideas, shopping-lists and other things that I just need to write down in that moment goes. Without due consideration for security, privacy, cleverness or something else, since the service does that for me. Obviously I wouldn't be too happy with loosing a OneNote-binder or having it exposed to the public, but it will be closer to a minor inconvenience than a catastrophe...

So now that Standard Notes allows me to publicise my thoughts easily: Here I am. I may start blogging again. And if I do, I will probably write something more clever next time :o).