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hello world

Here I am. Trying out listed.to again. Following March roadmap update from Standard Notes I will soon be able to publish from mobile devices, making this a far more relevant blogging platform for me. So right now I'm getting some fresh dirt under the nails.

I've been an user of Standard Notes for about 2½ years as of this writing. Paid user most of that time as well. Basically Standard Notes, has become my goto-place for quick and dirty notes or notes requiring a higher level of privacy.

I use it in conjunction with OneNote, where Standard Notes is my little notebook, which I carry on me all the time. OneNote is my bigger, binder-sized, notebook, which is thematically organised.

Standard Notes is where my quick and unfiltered ideas, shopping-lists and other things that I just need to write down in that moment goes. Without due consideration for security, privacy, cleverness or something else, since the service does that for me. Obviously I wouldn't be too happy with loosing a OneNote-binder or having it exposed to the public, but it will be closer to a minor inconvenience than a catastrophe...

So now that Standard Notes allows me to publicise my thoughts easily: Here I am. I may start blogging again. And if I do, I will probably write something more clever next time :o).

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