Introduction - 01

To start

I'm using this blogging platform and the 100 day challenge as a personal trial, to see if the idea of transcribing and publishing some of my thoughts is fun in routine practice and doesn't just sound fun in the abstract. If I end up doing this for a while and generating X number of posts over Y time frame, I'll look take a look at myself and decide if I want to stop or upgrade to a premium plan.

About me

Although I'll endeavor to always be honest, transparent and straightforward in my thoughts and opinions, I intend to be at least somewhat vague about personal details. I won't tell you specific names, but I'll tell you I have a wife, a child, a living mother and father, and a fairly large number of sisters.

I'm about the age of the internet and spent my formative years in the United States - as you probably know yourself, it's been a wild ride. I've spent something like a decade working in IT as a profession, with a lifelong personal interest in security that has dovetailed into a career interest in cybersecurity, so you'll probably see me talking about those things from time to time.


I intend to use this to talk about whatever happens to interest me at whatever time it comes into my life but there are some subjects that I seek out over others, so for the sake of establishing a loose theme, I'll detail those below.

Movies, TV and streaming content, graphic novels, and books. Basically the media that I consume and have opinions on.

Psychology, medicine, biotech, tech, cybersecurity, marketing, history, anthropology and current events. Basically articles that I tend to read day to day.

Writing, UX, mental models, games, communication, management, storytelling. Basically things that I like to do, create or participate in, which probably comes as no surprise from the above

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