John Wick 3 - a review - 09

Genres: Action; crime; thriller
My rating: 6/10

Minor spoilers ahead.

For me a 6 means the movie is entertainment, so I don't regret spending time or money on it, but that it isn't good enough for me to turn to a friend and say "you've got to go out and watch this!"

JW3 was "fine", essentially. Rather than spend my time on the things that I liked just enough to not ding the score, I'll focus on the things that I didn't like which kept the movie from ranking higher.

  • The action isn't as hot as it was in the first two movies. This is mostly a nit I'm picking at since Keanu is older than he used to be and when an actor ages you can't expect them to be as physically dynamic as they used to be. Jackie "I do all my own stunts" Chan is a perfect example of this and I still enjoy his movies.

  • The exposition is clunky. There are a lot of moments where the movie highlights something as significant but gives very little for the audience to internalize or relate to, so it feels like you've just walked into the middle of an important conversation with no context. Halle Berry's character is the best example of this, which isn't to say I don't appreciate the strategy behind riddling your media with star power.

  • The pacing is off. I don't mind lengthy fights (the hallway scene in the original Oldboy is one of my favorites), so my gripe isn't that some of the fights were long, it's that they were too long for the story. If you trimmed the fat on the fight scenes, as well as a few others most notably the desert wandering scene, I think this 2hr+ movie could have come in at around 1.5hrs and told a better story for it

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