Plant trees to fight climage change - 26

I imagine most people are aware of the massive existential / catastrophic threat posed to humanity by climate change.

There are a couple of propositions that have been put up on how to address this. There are a couple of things to consider. Transportation and electricity production make up more than half of the tracked sources of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the EPA. But 10%, which is not an overwhelming number but still large enough to factor, is produced by livestock.

So after you factor in the very real need to cut back on emissions by using renewable energy and vehicles (not just cars) with alterate energy sources, one very real way to combat climate change is to reduce meat in the human diet in favor of vegetables, or insect protein, or lab grown meat.

Getting past these practical and preferred solutions that involve changes to the way human beings live life, one interesting approaching one company is taking is pulling the carbon straight out of the air.

But one method which could prove to be fantastically effective (and we still need to do the stuff mentioned above) is planting about a trillion trees. They pull carbon for energy, combat heating by providing shade, and young trees pull even more carbon than old ones so we would get a lot of the benefit upfront rather than later on. It's by and far the cheapest method and has the additional benefit of helping to prevent the loss of biodiversity. Which is good for us too, of course. Plus I think it would be really neat to re-forest and cover the earth in green again.

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