What do parties watch? - 27

This study separated their demographic into Blues, Reds and Purples. I won't bother to define them since I'm providing the link and you can dive into them for more details as needed.

In this study Blues made up 47% of the population, which has the most women and the largest number of African Americans. The reds are 35% and made up the highest proportion of senior citizens. And the Purples made up 18&, and had the largest share of Asians and Hispanics, had the most religious people, and the people most satisfied with their lives (hybrid vigor at play?)

Blues liked: "Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, South Park, and Law & Order: SVU."

Purples, who watched the most TV (is this at all related to the happiness? escapism and improved theory of mind from consumption of fiction?) liked: "The Voice and Dancing with the Stars, but they also like Saturday Night Live — a favorite among Blues as well — and Duck Dynasty, which is preferred by Reds."

Reds claimed they didn't watch much entertainment TV but when they did, preferred: "Hallmark, History and Ion channels, and NCIS"

Where it gets the most interesting is where the parties overlap: "America’s Funniest Home Videos, Bones, Criminal Minds, MythBusters, and Pawn Stars".

Pawn Stars is the least liked show by all parties, and the four remaining shows, which are liked by all the parties, share the distinction of being oriented around valuing and seeking "Truth".

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