Under the silver lake - a review - 30

Genre: Comedy, crime, drama
Rating: 6/10
Minor spoilers.

I didn't know that this had a comedy genre tag when I started watching it. The description and trailer make it seem more like a mystery than anything else, but knowing that adds an extra special shine on one of my favorite moments in the movie. Around the 18 minute mark the protagonist finds that his car has been keyed. He hears some noises up the block and goes to investigate, there discovering a few pre-teens keying cars and pissing on them. Enraged the protagonist goes up to one and punches him in the face. One of the fallen's friends runs up and gets punched in the dick. I thought it was hilarious.

That moment aside the movie was pretty aimless. There were unresolved questions at the end of it, in a way that detracts from satisfaction rather than enhancing it. There's no real explanation for the Owl's Kiss for example, especially what happened to her after her second appearance.

I believe the protagonist to be an unreliable narrator as they describe some past behaviors that fit into the scope of one or another kind of mental disorder, schizophrenia with a little OCD/OCPD and a rage issue or two, or something along those lines, enough to have me wonder for at least part of the movie if it was all or mostly a concoction of the main character's imaingation. At the end of the movie I'm pretty confident that most of it is real enough, and that I know who the dog killer is which is important for no real reason other than that it gets asked a lot.

I thought the scene with the songwriter was interesting. Although it was a bit much in attributing every popular song to one songwriter, the idea of popularity being pumped out with machine-like regularity is an interesting one and not too far off from at least one real world example[1].

Ultimately the movie was entertaining enough, but also frustrating, maybe transparently so, and not a movie I would prioritize seeing over something with better structure.

Incidentally this movie was made by the same guy who did It Follows, which I like da lot more

1: https://nypost.com/2015/10/04/your-favorite-song-on-the-radio-was-probably-written-by-these-two/

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