Ethiopia leads the charge - 33

By planting 350 million trees in 12 hours[1]. Back in July I wrote about[2] how planting trees could be the "game changer" for how we approach the fight for climate change - just one pillar of many but an important one that's both cheap and effective.

Ethiopia is 67th when ranked by GDP[3], and they are leading the charge for the rally against climate changes and the apocalyptic disaster that climate change promises to visit on the human species and the global ecosystem.

According to the world happiness report4, Ethiopia is 127th in ranking. I'll be curious to see how this effort affects Ethiopia's GDP, as it courts positive attention on what I hope is an international scale, maybe leading to some extended good will, maybe leading to some commercial interests, but am also curious how the country will rise in happiness index with the mounting evidence that shows that trees, and not just low lying vegetation, provide a mental boost to the human animal[5].






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