Rocko's Modern Life - a review - 37

Genre: Animation; short; action
Rating: 6/10

Not for the series, but for the new short Static Cling. For me, this short was something which I could call entertainment, which I would say if you ended up watching you wouldn't turn off in the middle of it or regret the time that you spent consuming it, but that if you came to Static Cling because you liked the series a lot, your nostalgia may find itself disappointed.

It was a fun walk down memory lane but the short was more concerned with that, with some light satire overtones lampooning modern society, than it was with an engaging story. There was a lot of references to old characters and old stories, which used time I think would have been better spent on the "A" story. Taking Ralph Bighead as an analog for the show creator it seems like the creation of another Rocko was something the creator wasn't totally interested in and had to be essentially pulled into the studio to make (money was no doubt the bait) and, if this is true, then it kind of shows.

If you have a Netflix subscription already you might enjoy watching it, but not something I'd say you should go out of your way for.

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