Working backwards - 40

There is apparently a mechanism by which human beings, and presumably all biological organisms which leverages this technology, can reverse their biological age[1]. Chronological age is how old you actually are and biological age is how old you seem, or present, based on epigenetic markers indicative of chemical changes in the DNA.

By using a combination of growth hormone, which spikes insulin levels, and then countering those spikes with two different types of medicine used to treat diabetes, the researcher who tested this on himself was able to 'reverse' his biological age by 2.5 years.

This is early days, but still very exciting. In a sci-fi novel called Ringworld that I enjoyed when I read and still think about warmly after years, the protagonist had extended his love through the use of something called "boosterspice". In another scifi novel, Time Enough for Love, a character extended his life by centuries through the use of techniques like filtering out old, toxin-riddled blood and pumping in fresh blood[2]. It's exciting to think about the fact that people alive today, perhaps even people in my generational cohort, will be able to easily pass a century in age - and more importantly, to spend those years in reasonably healthy bodies, rather than anchored to life support.



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