What goes around - 44

There's an almost elegant irony in the fact that the best, as in most economical as well as being fairly effective, way to combat climate change is to essentially do the opposite of the things that brought everything to a tipping point. Reduction in emissions are essential, but a lot of the conversation right now is around planting trees (I posted about this in July), restoring green spaces in urban environments, and skewing more along technology lines, an algae-based bio-reactor that captures as much carbon as an acre of forest [1]

I'm very excited for more trees in humanity's future, not just because it appeals to my personal sense of aesthetic and love of nature, but because of the very real cognitive benefits that tall vegetation has on the human mind and, unarguably, the contribution in the fight towards a stable and sustainable ecosystem.

1: https://futurism.com/the-byte/bioreactor-captures-carbon-acre-trees

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