46 - 33 habits for corporate productivity

  1. Speak up
  2. Be polite
  3. Invite others to schedule their interactions with you
  4. Schedule all the time you need for yourself
  5. Set your calendar view default setting to private
  6. Set your calendar appointment default to 15 minutes
  7. Put your out-of-office times on your calendar
  8. Learn and use people's names
  9. Use titles (such as sir or ms. where appropriate)
  10. Make plans - structure your time
  11. "Disagree and commit" - execute reliably
  12. Be willing to ask questions
  13. Acknowledge others before speaking
  14. Say thank you - acknowledge someone else's contributions
  15. Say you're welcome - acknowledge your own contributions
  16. Separate emails for separate functions - work or personal
  17. Use email labels and filters
  18. Set reminders
  19. Have more than one phone number - work or personal
  20. Let people save face, and leave escape routes for them
  21. Share credit
  22. Notice and share when others do well
  23. Stay in demand
  24. Have other options
  25. Keep a work diary - accomplishments, ideas, etc
  26. Anticipate and guide
  27. Share proactively
  28. Dress up (slightly)
  29. Give good feedback
  30. Negotiate - don't take the first offer in anything that matters
  31. Say no sometimes - set boundaries and abide by them
  32. Admit when you don't know
  33. Be willing to move on

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