I'm overflowing with joy at the idea that I’m finally going to have a chance to put it all aside and just… be.

I’m going to leave it all behind—well, okay, most of it behind—no work, nobody depending on me, and just be physically close to someone I love very much for a few days.

I have pictures of us from the last time I saw them and I love looking at our smiles. I know last time inside and out because we’ve talked about it, I’ve thought about it, so much since then.

I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile and I think we both really need it. I’m hoping my troubles don’t intrude too much.

We’ve both gone through so much since then. I’m trying not to compare, of course. But the truth is that we’ve both been kept down for awhile now. They tell me I’ve helped keep them together. I hope they know they've done the same for me.

Please let us have this for these few days. We deserve it; we are good people with good hearts and we deserve to be.

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