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We all need resources in life!

When delivering Psychological Flexibility Training I discuss some concepts around stress and resources. An interesting interlude here is that when doing this old style (face to face) people are providing answers in front of other participants. These days we use tech either online or in face to face that gives the participants the ability to answer in an anonymous manner by using a browser window on a smartphone or other device - more on this on another post [add link]

In the first question on resources that assist with stress the anonymous comments always show up as relating to family, friends, relationships that kind of thing.

However when we explain and discuss how stress works and the types of interactions people have around stress, we arrive at an expanded list of resources utilising a huge amount of other stuff in people's lives.

This is because we go through life not realising what we need and what resources we already utilise. People spend most of their time in the future or the past and not noticing they could, without realising, right now be accessing a resource. To them it is just life - right!

Most of my focus when training can be summed up as assisting people how to respond when their hind brain generates stress. So it is usual for people to have heard the course will be stressful.

On training one day a couple of years ago during the course introduction I asked the group what they had heard about the course. I went round the room hearing, from anyone who admitted hearing about the course, all the usual rumours and fears, this is mainly to develop an environment which is psychologically safe [ ]. As I got to the last lady in the horseshoe I reiterated "what have you heard about the course"

I have a bottle of Chardonnay in the fridge!

This created a roar of laughter from the group and led me to be able to immediately talk about resources and stress. This was an example of a future resource. She was predicting the course would be stressful and she had proactively placed a bottle in the fridge so that she could deal with more stress throughout the day knowing that she had this future resource to look forward to.

For me one of the things I need as a resouce is a shower. I find it is part of the routine I use to get ready for work. This is not the case everyday. Now that I have said that let me clarify. I do shower every day, almost. But it happens after some cycling or dog walking usually. It is when I am presenting as a trainer or working in service / families face to face that I need to have a shower first thing in the morning. It assists me to get to the place I need to be - it is a resource that assists me with the stress I experience when my advisor is questioning the wisdom of my working today :-)


In terms of resouces to manage stress we all have things in place and you are unaware of how many make a difference until you start missing them. My day would not go so well if I missed a shower.

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