Revelations in Training

Making Choices

Standing in front of a group today I got them to the point of understanding that their choices are effected by the resources they have to manage those thoughts feelings and situations that are constantly in the background, sometimes in the foreground.

I used an example of my choices and actions around my eating at a conference that happened two days ago.

The choices where I had the resources to make sensible decisions involved me being up early enough (by 7 if local accommodation) to have breakfast, heat a bowl of mince, bung that in a food flask for later. Therefore at the conference I had the ability without issue (this part I have done many times) to not notice the buffet and to network through the lunch break.

That was a great analogy for the group however it does seem to make me sound big headed and full of shit.

So it is important to mention the other half of the story as I am too big for this to be the only thing I do.

It takes me a good few hours to drive home - at least 4 from there and more if I take a break, which I would need. So by the time it gets to early evening it does not matter that I have eaten the flask of food and not touched the buffet. By this point I am tired.

So I stop for the loo and inevitably end up wandering around a Tesco or some such place that sells calories on tap. This part of the day I am in a different situation, my energy is low and I still have to drive for a few hours. So I end up with drinks and cookies and chocolate, well, a mix of stuff that is inappropriate for my healthy, my body is a temple, type of diet.

In short when I have less resources to assist with the situations, feelings and emotions - I make poor choices given the choice point.

I thought this was well laid out in my head so when I stopped at a Tesco on the way home from this training I thought I would not indulge in loads of badness......

As I have not sorted out my resources I ended up spending money on clothes and other things I perhaps needed less than it seemed at the time, new frying pan?

By the time I had wracked up a substantial bill I had actually reduced my resources further and still purchased some badness for the journey home.......

Progress is being made - I will update in the future.

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