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Things to look after going forward with the podcast

  • Minimise questions to restrain length.
  • Length should not exist 30 minutes (preferably 20 minutes).
  • Structure questions in a way they don't sound abrupt.
  • Decide what sort of people I want on the show.
  • Decide what is the purpose for the podcast.
  • Decide what do I want to give to the listeners.

Day twenty-five of one hundred.

Cold Showers

  • Gives a boost!
  • Doesn't feel sleepy. Feels refreshing.
  • Breaks the negative spiral.
  • Makes me more alert.
  • Better sleep.
  • Keeps masturbation away.
  • Saves electricity.

Day twenty-four of one hundred.

Haiku: Eighteen of One Hundred

breathe when your thoughts fall
when you can't understand why
waves coming ashore

Why do I want to be monetarily self-reliant?

  • to pay for my medical check-ups whenever I find them necessary.
  • to pay for online subscriptions for magazines, shows, music and news.
  • to donate to the UN's World Food Programme.
  • to support Put It On Paper.
  • to not bother my parents for every time I require money. They are the most supportive parents, but I don't feel right asking for money every time.

Day twenty-three of one hundred.

Haiku: Seventeen of One Hundred

gloom spreads take over
more than a thousand fought, but
when trust breaks, it falls

Tensions rise again

The last Test was played on March 2, 2020.
The last ODI was played on March 13, 2020.
The last T20I was played on March 11, 2020.

Since travel restrictions and lockdowns began throughout the world, cricket has been on a standstill. But that is going to start changing in another 30 days I guess. Government of India has given the go-ahead for sports to be played in controlled conditions with no spectators allowed inside the stadiums. So there is a possibility of hosting one of the most exciting tournaments in franchise cricket, the Indian Premier League. Governments of New Zealand and Australia have slowly eased restrictions. Competitive cricket in Darwin, Australia is going to begin on June 6, 2020. Sri Lanka has less than 400 active cases and has offered to host India and Bangladesh as early as July 2020.

England is by far the biggest cricketing country hit by the pandemic and is not expecting to start any professional or grade cricket till 2021. That's a big bummer! But the safety of players is of the highest concern for everyone.

As far as I have read, these are the possibilities for international cricket in the coming months:

  • NZ and AUS
  • IND in AUS
  • IND and BAN in SL
  • ENG in WI

Hopefully, associate nations that haven't been unaffected by the pandemic can kick off a return to international cricket soon too. My fingers remain crossed.

Day twenty-two of one hundred.

Haiku: Sixteen of One Hundred

skies clouded with smoke
the world shuts down, far away
peaks come into sight

Support for the podcast

I don't have a big following and will probably not have one. It was never my goal for the podcast. But I still require monetary support to keep it hosted online. I do have 75 days till I make the first payment for hosting. I can for a short time save enough from my pocket money, but I won't get it till college restarts. The date for restart is a big unknown.

I am thinking about using one of the two platforms: Patreon or Liberapay.

Patreon Pros

  • various tiers of different donation value
  • give rewards exchange for support

Patreon Cons

  • platform fee reduces the amount I receive

Liberapay Pros

  • no platform fee

Liberapay Cons

  • no tier system
  • no requirement for rewards

I think I can make up for the rewards by producing better content and getting more guests on the show. Removal of the platform fee would also mean I receive more than 90% of what is being donated. So, I think that would be better value for money for my supporters.

Day twenty-one of one hundred.

Taking a day off

Editing the latest episode - the first interview - took a toll on me. It made me realise I can't always edit my episodes in a few hours. Especially when they are 60 minutes long and unscripted. I need to give them a few days, and I will do that going forward.

Yesterday's low downtime combined with the stress I took to publish the episode, even though delayed, kept me up for hours. And I took today off. I guess every day doesn't need to be filled with work. Some days, we can take an off and eat kheer. And then again eat mango flavoured kheer.

Day twenty of one hundred.

Haiku: Fifteen of One Hundred

stand on the ledge once
let the wind blow past your face
step back, just step back

Get up and keep going

I stayed low for most of the day. The not so correctly done recording took a significant blow on me. I tried but couldn't get to edit it. Till I finally did! My inaction and indecisiveness delayed the episode by a good 12 hours!

This made me realise how many things I didn't do because of my indecisiveness to take action! If I had started drawing a year back, I would have been better now. And if I had started the podcast back in 11th, I would have had a good four years of recording time by far! A lot of guests and new people to talk to.

But it is never too late to start. You just need to do it. And I did.

Day nineteen of one hundred.

Haiku: Fourteen of One Hundred

rainbow colours bleed
like a river, young and bold
new expectations

Connectivity issues

Akhilesh and I recorded the first big interview today. We talked for about 75 minutes! But sadly, due to connectivity issues I guess, Zoom didn't correctly record everything. Many words and sentences are cut short. I don't know how I will edit this now.

I think I am a bit too weak to handle such downtimes. I am rarely able to keep myself together when I feel I am stuck. I need to work on this. I need to better cushion myself when things go wrong, get up and hit back at things.

Day eighteen of one hundred.

Haiku: Thirteen of One Hundred

without more ado
start your journey, walk or run
before the sun sets


humanity: a kind and sympathetic attitude toward other people, especially when they are suffering in some way

economy: the system by which a country’s trade, industry, and money are organised

When did economy pip humanity on our priority list?

Day seventeen of one hundred.

Haiku: Twelve of One Hundred

a red shadow falls
the thriving society
sans humanity