Seven things I do to break my 4 am habit

I had made some big plans for the ongoing semester at college and also for the upcoming summer vacation - my first in college. By big, I mean - reading big books and learning more stuff. And then the whole of India went under lockdown with most of the world during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. And with that my plans went dead too. The only thing I have been able to get myself so far to do staying home is to sleep around 10 pm and wake up at 4 am.

Of course, it does not happen every day. In my three weeks of trying this out, I have not had a streak of more than three days. And here are the reasons why:

  1. Unwanted tension (the one I should let go of)
  2. Listening to podcasts
  3. Reading books
  4. Writing notes
  5. Watching Numberphile and BBC Earth videos on YouTube
  6. Texting friends
  7. Reading newsletters

Day one of one hundred.

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