If I were to find my true love mathematically

I recently watched Hannah Fry's TEDTalk - The Mathematics of Love which is also the title of her book. I want to read that book, but Amazon is not delivering anything right now. Hopefully, once the lockdown ends, I can get my hands on the book. The main thing I loved from the talk except about being yourself, not faking, don't let anything get unnoticed, don't compromise and most importantly, the 37% rule.

If I were to apply the 37% rule on my own life - I probably have 12 more months left till I should settle down for the next person I end up dating after 12 months. But the thing is I have only dated one person so far in the last two years since turning 18, and I am currently not dating anyone. I need a big fix! Or I should probably stay single.

Day two of one hundred.

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