Support for the podcast

I don't have a big following and will probably not have one. It was never my goal for the podcast. But I still require monetary support to keep it hosted online. I do have 75 days till I make the first payment for hosting. I can for a short time save enough from my pocket money, but I won't get it till college restarts. The date for restart is a big unknown.

I am thinking about using one of the two platforms: Patreon or Liberapay.

Patreon Pros

  • various tiers of different donation value
  • give rewards exchange for support

Patreon Cons

  • platform fee reduces the amount I receive

Liberapay Pros

  • no platform fee

Liberapay Cons

  • no tier system
  • no requirement for rewards

I think I can make up for the rewards by producing better content and getting more guests on the show. Removal of the platform fee would also mean I receive more than 90% of what is being donated. So, I think that would be better value for money for my supporters.

Day twenty-one of one hundred.

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