Tensions rise again

The last Test was played on March 2, 2020.
The last ODI was played on March 13, 2020.
The last T20I was played on March 11, 2020.

Since travel restrictions and lockdowns began throughout the world, cricket has been on a standstill. But that is going to start changing in another 30 days I guess. Government of India has given the go-ahead for sports to be played in controlled conditions with no spectators allowed inside the stadiums. So there is a possibility of hosting one of the most exciting tournaments in franchise cricket, the Indian Premier League. Governments of New Zealand and Australia have slowly eased restrictions. Competitive cricket in Darwin, Australia is going to begin on June 6, 2020. Sri Lanka has less than 400 active cases and has offered to host India and Bangladesh as early as July 2020.

England is by far the biggest cricketing country hit by the pandemic and is not expecting to start any professional or grade cricket till 2021. That's a big bummer! But the safety of players is of the highest concern for everyone.

As far as I have read, these are the possibilities for international cricket in the coming months:

  • NZ and AUS
  • IND in AUS
  • IND and BAN in SL
  • ENG in WI

Hopefully, associate nations that haven't been unaffected by the pandemic can kick off a return to international cricket soon too. My fingers remain crossed.

Day twenty-two of one hundred.

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