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Haiku: Twelve of One Hundred

a red shadow falls
the thriving society
sans humanity

Make me cry

Star Wars: I am the thing that will make you cry the most.

Difficult Decisions in School: I think I'll take that crown from Star Wars.

Dead Poets Society: I don't think so. I can show you some things you don't want to.

SW The Last Jedi: I think it is time for Star Wars to rule over your crying galaxy again.

Break Up in 2019: Duh, you thought you'll not cry for this one?

SW The Clone Wars Season 7: I am going to establish Star Wars' supremacy on your life. There won't be another thing making you cry more than I will.

Until 12 May 2020. Day sixteen of one hundred.

Haiku: Eleven of One Hundred

surrounded by friends
walks away alone, silent
see the setting sun

Eager and anxious

All things are ready and prepared. Both of us are excited to record the upcoming episode. We will be doing that on Thursday night, after which I will edit it and get it ready for publishing around noon.

But with all this eagerness I feel anxious too. So far the episodes have been scripted over a week and then recorded, but the upcoming episode will be alive recording. And I am not sure how many cuts we can make. I'll surely edit things out later, but still, I want it to go pretty smoothly in one go. We don't always get what we ask for, of course.

If there would be something exciting to make a standalone bonus episode out of the recording, I will surely do that too.

Day fifteen of one hundred.

Haiku: Ten of One Hundred

hidden behind trees
waiting to hear your story
seeking shining gold

Haiku: Nine of One Hundred

together in red
smile, meet, hug, eat, talk, love, kiss
time flies with the wind

Unpreparedness hits hard

When you are unprepared for something that you know is going to test you in a few hours, days or weeks, the world around starts crumbling down. A hit of anxiety takes over your mind and body. Breathing starts to feel like an accomplishment at that moment. And it doesn't go away till you give in, rest for a while and then plan with a calm mind. You then prepare yourself for the task coming up ahead. It won't work out as you expected it to be. But you are a little better prepared now than before.

If the exam were tomorrow what would be the one thing that'll fuck you up? Do that first.

Day fourteen of one hundred.

Fiction - movies, tv-series and podcasts

I have not been able to read fiction books for a long time. Probably, around three years ago was the last time I read a novel per se, and that was on the recommendation of the girl I was dating at that time. But on my own, I have not picked up a fiction book for a good 5 to 6 years now.

I think the same trend has been with movies and tv series lately. Most of the film and tv series I have watched have been recommendations by people around me. Apart from the Jack Ryan series on Amazon Prime, I haven't been successful at watching shows on my own. The Intern is probably one of the last movies I watched, which was not a recommendation. I have left most of the TV shows people have recommended in the middle. The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men - I left them all after the fifth or sixth season.

The same trend does not exist for a non-fiction book, feature documentaries and docuseries.

But this past week, I started listening to Marvel's Wolverine. And now I am genuinely interested in listening to more fiction podcasts. I think I have returned to consuming regular fiction for the first time in 6 years!

Day thirteen of one hundred.

Haiku: Eight of One Hundred

with hope each morning
looking out the window for
purpose and order

Cinema halls and streaming services

Twitter exploded today when the announcement came out that one of Akshay Kumar's films would be an exclusive on Disney+ Hotstar. People came out tweeting against this announcement calling out the actors to be greedy. I don't get it. The same people would be happy to pay out hundreds for watching the trendy Netflix Original but when the same thing happens for a feature Bollywood film they make it an issue.

How and where a film is released is upon those who make the film. The same applies to most creative works I guess. Where a podcast or a video series is available is upon the people who are making it. If they want to keep it exclusive, they should. Even the same goes for journalism I guess. Most online news publications are now exclusive and paid. They deserve the money for their work. Everyone does.

Day twelve of one hundred.

Haiku: Seven of One Hundred

stayed up for the sun
cold air, sheets over, and sleep
till the moon comes back

Chitchat with Chaitanya

Over this past week, I have changed the format of my podcast. All the episodes from 15th May 2020 would feature a guest! For the episode of 8th May 2020, it would be just me alone having a conversation with myself, but not on a particular topic.

I realised that I can't produce content as others do. I am no scholar in any of the subjects in our world, and I shouldn't try to be one. I am a consumer of content, at max, I can be an intermediate but not an expert. Hopefully, my listeners don't object much to this.

Day eleven of one hundred.

Haiku: Six of One Hundred

closed eyes, flinching mind
air flows through the silent storm
there leave emptiness

Keeping tabs on the calendar

Over the last two months, I have lost count on which day or date it is. I have missed my weekly medicines twice now. But that doesn't matter much, I guess. The question I ask myself - is this disconnect with my calendar hampering my disconnect with people around me too? Probably, yes.

I am going to try to journal every day. Not just to keep tabs on which date it is today, that's a bonus, but for unearthing my daily interrogations. These interrogations so far weren't organised and often resulted in negative spirals. I will change that using my journal, hopefully.

Day ten of one hundred.

Haiku: Five of One Hundred

before the sun shines
listening to birds chirp loud
undisturbed by man