Next buy in our Wikifolio: UTDI

The current valuation of United Internet and its subsidiary 1&1 Drillisch is currently so attractive that I almost feel compelled to make this purchase.

United Internet plans to list its cloud infrastructure subsidiary Ionos on the stock market. It is said to be a hyperscaler that will later have to compete with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud as well as Microsoft OneDrive. In view of the EU plans to savvy European cloud providers, Ionos is creating an interesting offer here, which should also be treated well in terms of stock market valuation.

With a price-to-sales ratio of 0.92, a price book ratio of 1.1 and a P/OCF multiple of 5.5 and a (stable) P/FC ratio of 10.9 and the corresponding growth prospects, we are convinced that the company will develop positively.
Ralph Dommermuth is the company's founder and CEO and has proven his standing as a successful entrepreneur for years. He holds company shares of around 51%.

We trust in him to lead this company in a prosperous future in the long-term. We invest around 1% of our portfolio value in the shares of United Internet.

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