Joy of other people

Looking at a certain time in your life, there are always a few things that - a few moments - that you feel made 'click' with you. Moments, where you read something or watched some videos and they made you feel extremely grateful and they make you want to honor what we as society have accomplished. They make you feel excited about the future and your imagination goes crazy what it may look like. You almost can't hold yourself anymore because you are filled with love. These moments almost feel magical. You get optimistic, happy and are truly amazed by what the future might hold. These moments are the result of ones continuous journey in life. At least, that is what I think; I think that these moments are indeed magical.

I just watched some videos. I watched people who speak passionate and optimistic about their past. They speak about an accomplishment or something they learned. They give me hope.

Ultimately I think this will be a model of the future. A future where the stories that make us optimistic, that fill us with love lead to a clear vision and the need to make the world a better place. This goal alone will acount for it. This goal alone - if really felt - will make the world a better place. So many people experience so many difference things, live amazing lifes and have emotional stories to share. But oftentimes they don't share them. It takes a lot of time and effort to bring your experiences into a format where other people who listen to you, who watch you, truly get the same feeling that you want to conaitn. So, for me, for my future, the only thing I can and want to contribute is to package and share those stories that helped me get up when I fell to the ground. I want to package and share my stories, in the hope and knowledge that it will help other people when they fall to the ground. I will take the time and effort to put my thoughts and my deepest gratitude in a form so that others can experience it the same way that I feel about it.

Don't underestimate the joy of other people. They are your friends. A paradox of life is that oftentimes, the way to make something intuitive is not intuitive at all - at least in the beginning. Sharing you story in a way so that it is valuable for others is truly an art, and I want to own it.

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