Interesting words and a fact!

I enjoy learning new words for things. I’ll be listening to a podcast or watching a show and will hear a new word that I have not heard before.

I carry a pocket notebook with me and usually end up writing down a word that intrigues me.

Later on, I’ll look this word up in the dictionary. Here’s a few that I’ve taken note of and wanted to share with you:

Arduous (ar-du-ous): Meaning difficult to do or great effort to achieve. Such as “This task was very arduous, as it took me a year to complete.”

Nebulous (neb-u-lous): Vague. “The way that he spoke about the topic, was quite nebulous.”

Apropos (ap-ro-po): Opportune, regarding something. To the purpose. To the point. Such as “I enjoyed the apropos writing of this letter.”

Fun facts: Did you know that coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world? Of course, oil is the first. The US had its first coffee house (or coffee shop as they are often called) in 1676, located in Boston. Though, it appears that coffee houses started in the Middle East, in the late 1400’s or early 1500’s. I never realized how long coffee shops had been around for.

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