Turo Car-Sharing Ad, Re-imagined

On Snapchat, I was served an ad titled something like "A 22 year-old micro-fleet mogul" which redirected to this page.

While I love the headline, I find the salescopy lacking. I think the author approached the piece too much as a blog-writer, and not enough as a saleswriter.

So I re-imagined it.

How one 22 year-old student gets paid to own a Porsche Cayman!

"They told me a college student shouldn't own six cars."

Osama B., a full-time business student in Toronto, owns a fleet of six luxury vehicles that pay his bills while he's sleeping, studying, and enjoying life.

"I used to drive Uber - it was terrible", says Osama. "I would stay up all night driving people around in my Hyundai, dodging drunk drivers, for basically minimum wage. But everything changed when I discovered Turo."

"The concept is so simple - customers rent my cars online and I collect deposits. Plus with Turo's $1,000,000 liability insurance & 24-hour customer support, I know that I'm protected no matter what happens."

From One Hyundai To Two Porsche's

"Once the easy money started pouring in, I realized I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: I could buy the car of my dreams and let other people pay for it... So I bought a Porsche Cayman."

Osama didn't stop at one luxury car, either - he now owns a fleet including a BMW 3 Series, a Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class, a Mini Cooper, and a second Porsche.

"When I first drove my Porsche to campus, people thought I was some spoiled rich kid. When I told them I bought it with my own money, they got angry. "A college student can't pay for that!" ... actually I can, thanks to Turo."

"Turo has totally changed the way I see money. Instead of working with my hands, I'm earning with my investments. Having six cars is like having six employees working for me. I set their schedule and they make me money. Unlike Uber or Doordash, which pay a fixed hourly rate, Turo lets me set my own prices."

Earn On Your Terms

"The most important benefit of Turo to me is freedom. I choose how often to rent my cars, so I always have a Porsche or Benz free on date night. I can't recommend Turo enough - it's changed my life."

Turo's mission is to bring YOU easy, passive income every week - no job required. To list your car on Turo & begin your career as a 'microfleet mogul', spend 10 minutes filling out this FREE forum.

In 2019, Turo paid car owners an average of $719 per car every month. And with a $1,000,000 liability insurance from Liberty Mutual to insure against damage or theft, Turo is as SAFE as it is EASY. Join the world's largest car-sharing marketing today and experience the freedom of "earning while you sleep." Get started now, FREE!

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