Music to my Ears - My Interest

I have always appreciated music and the beauty of learning a whole new language. Musical script. Indicating pitches, tonal keys, notes, chords and rhythms is absolutely fascinating. At the ripe age of seven I commenced my journey on the path of sound through learning the piano.

I continued doing so for another four years and after earning significant knowledge about piano skills and terminology, I decided it was time to attempt something new. The acoustic guitar. The instrument was nothing short of wonderful and the sound that the metal and plastic strings emitted was quite literally music to my ears. I attended acoustic guitar classes twice a week for three years.

At the end of each year I practiced for hours on end and performed three carefully curated pieces in front of an audience. While I was rehearsing, it didn't feel obligatory or like too much work. Instead, it was my own way to strip away the world around me, fully engrossing myself in the music and the music only. The peace of practicing made the painful fingers worth it.

More recently, I picked up an interest in electric guitars. I find the instrument beautiful, the slick exterior of it accentuating the clean, mellow sound it creates. I have begun one-hour lessons every week and so far, I'm having a blast. I have already skipped the tough part: being able to read notes and navigate the strings. Therefore, it's been smooth sailing.

In a month or so, I might even purchase my own electric guitar as long as I can show a proper commitment to attempting to master it. Up till now, I'm certain the electric guitar will soon be incorporated into my daily routine.

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