Dès Vu Journal

An Attempt at Archiving Thoughts and actions of an ordinary guy deciding to be better.

Knock Knock

oh hi!

It's been a couple of weeks since the last journal. That's okay. Just start again. Not the first time being I am human.

Same applies for most endeavours. The gap between intention and action. Consistency is the gold standard. Cutting down time between stopping and starting again is a good enough strategy.

While I was away, came across this wonderful passage from Alex Turner's Blog This made me want to start again. (by any chance you are reading this alex, thanks again, say hi or something)

Its been quite some time since the last post, well that's 18 weeks and 4 days, you know just a litter more than a week i planned for. But luckily it worked out well and i'm happy returning back from the break. There's a lot going on in general, now page would give an overview.

Here's a list of things that i want to do for the next week or so:

  • One Tool Each Day ~ medium
  • Consistent with this public journal thing.
  • No more excuses, will be on track with my everyday tasks.
  • Start focusing on College Major too.

Stepping Down

I think I should probably step down from digital way and go back to the pen-paper method of journaling for someday cause ever time I am trying to focus I get easily distracted and the attention is moved to something else. My current attention span is of that a jelly fish.

For next week will move back to classic pen paper style of journaling and see if that works.

Bookmark Hoarder

Saw this tweet today and it felt someone just called out my BS habits.

For last few months I've been just collecting books, blogs, apps, tools things that I generally find interesting on a usual day and just adding them to a database in notion and that's it. I thought would do a review and clear that up on weekly basis. This habit is of no actual good and I need chew only what i can eat.

"Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut

171 lines of Code

When I started writing some basic syntax and code for a CSV file that would late be imported and made into notion template, i thought this would not take much time and i will be done in few hours, but was i totally wrong.

Fixing an error caused another new one to popup and this went on for all day, and this is probably the first time ever, that I wrote any code that more than 100 lines, honestly this felt challenging but in a good sense.

I think there are only some small changes that can be done tomorrow, Yesterday I had the exact same feeling of but I wasn't aware of what was to come, probably I wont even finish this by tomorrow but it doesn't matter I'm enjoying this challenge.

Hello World

Finally brought a domain name today and added a subdomain to redirect to the notion homepage which i'll be using as a website builder, until i figure out how to actually use html and CSS this should do the trick.

The Notion Template is still under construction but i guess i figured out the way to go about. I think i might start learning toki pona soon.

I'll add the screenshots here domain subdomain

New Begining

Even though exams were done on 26th, for some reason I didn't make an entry for last three days, probably because i was getting too lazy and forgetful. Anyways I hope not to skip any more days and keep the consistency, and also start focusing on other things.

I installed Obsidian and just started getting into the rabbit hole. The thing that i like most is it gives a free plan, unlike roamresearch where one has to pay before even trying out the app for themselves.

Another thing moving from notion to obsidian is its community plugins, when there was a highly requested feature in notion we had no other chance to but to wait for notion to build it but I am already seeing many custom plugins most of which i am still figuring out how to use.

In Notion Community, There are soo many good templates but i didn't find any pre-filled calendar, so that's what i am making, it will have all the dates of an year or maybe two/three years prefilled as entries in a database and other properties attached as month week etc.

While this journal was at pause i had some ideas of taking this forward. So, I will take notes and write about anything i find in the day as a daily entry and on one day of everyweek (preferably on friday) try to summaries it and make into somewhat useful or informative blog post or something like a newsletter.

On Break

I thought I would not break the streak but there is something that needs immediate attention, time and focus. So I'm taking a break from this project and will return when the exams are done. I tried taking some time out each day for this but this is not working cause I'm constantly thinking either what to write next or how I could've made something more concise.

Yes, past me made a decision to not take even a single break, But right now its only feasible to take a break and focus on whats most important first. So its going to be near the end of November when I get back and start writing again.


Its just 3 more days to exams and I didn't made any significant progress. I am trying to keep calm mind but its not happening cause I just possibly can't fool myself anymore. I just have to stop every other activity and go all in, from tomorrow.

I think I would need to re consider and have to set some basic rules or guidelines for writing process. On Someways I've tried writing about a specific topic, which is some value towards the getting better at writing, but on most other days I am just writing whatever has happened on that day, which isn't really a creatively challenging task, so this doesn't add anything to getting better at writing.

Also It doesn't make sense to keep writing about mundane activities that I'm doing everyday. I don't want to completely eliminate them instead use them only when they support, or provide context to discussion.

What are these new rules/guidelines going to be? I dont know yet. Would have to search for insights and things that have worked with people. Will Try those and figure out what works best.


If you struggled pronouncing the title of this note and wondered if that was even a real word, Let me tell you it is and definitely one of my favorite words. Here's Why

I first came across this word on 24th July, 2020 which coincidentally happened to be the 10th anniversary of Life In A Day: 2010 Documentary which was a collective project where people around the word documented what it was like to be alive on the 24th of July, 2010. All that footage was then made into this one hour long documentary on YouTube. It is so goddamn beautiful, and it will surely give you a different perspective on things. Can't recommend it enough, just watch it on YouTube.

Something are better experienced the original way and I think no matter what I try something gets lost in translation and it isn't exactly the same anymore, so here is the 90 sec. Click here to go to youtube i promise its not a rick roll.


That moment or feeling when two people want to initiate something,
but neither wants to be the one to start it

  • Two tribal leaders both wanting to make peace but neither wanting to be the one to begin it, or two be people at a party wanting to approach each other and neither quite brave enough to make the first move.

The word is from the Yaghan Languague, which is currently a dead language. it is also listed in The Guinness Book of World Records as the “most succinct word”.

Into the rabbit hole:

  • Mamihlapinatapai Wiki Page: link

  • Some humorous Pronunciation: link

  • Mamihlapinatapai Urban Dictionary: link

  • How the Internet Changed the Meaning of 'Mamihlapinatapai: link

  • BBC: Lost language's untranslatable Legacy: link

  • From A blog, Analysis on the meaning & above BBC article: link

  • Mamihlapinatapai and Plek: A Critical Essay about Translation: link

  • Someone wrote a small poem: link

  • Someone wrote a small story: link

Unsung Heroes

There are places on internet which otherwise wouldn't have been possible without individual people taking the time from their lives and putting in the effort to keep those things running.

These are the kind of people who make and maintain opensource software, be the only person to keeping a very niche subreddit alive or keep curating niche things that only a few or if anyone reads or/and needs. They also exist beyond the internet, the other day was reading news about a man who dedicated his entire life to building a library, purchased books and made the library open and free for all. Also came across the story of a guy who spent decades planting trees, his sole efforts raised the overall forest percentage.

I often wonder what motivates them to keep doing what they are doing. Why don't they get celebrated, and often their work and efforts goes unnoticed, and faded into oblivion. Sure, they are obviously not doing this for any fame or recognization but isn't it duty of rest of us, who are the beneficiaries of their hard work, to support and celebrate them.

I definitely want to, and will support by donating as soon as I start earning, but for now I've decide to thank these unsung heroes. Will try to send at least a thank-you note, from now on.

Start of Something

This is start of something, well to be precise to actually write something and keep doing it everyday. I've tried doing something like this before but failed many times, either being inconsistent with writing or being too scared with words to show it to anyone.

I don't know, and I am uncertain of how long this is going to continue, but i am certain of hope, and I hope this attempt runs longer than any of the previous ones, nah! I hope this one lasts as long as the medium itself lasts.