Special Day

Quick Side Note: This is the first first time I'm trying out writing for blog, like literally writing with pen and paper, not typing.

Today was a special day, Yes Halloween is cool, but not that. Today was special because had to change the AA batteries in the wall clock. I know this sounds really weird thing to feel special about but hear me out.

Every time I had replaced the old dead with a new one I would on a sticky note (attached on back-lid of clock) write the date and company name. I've been doing this consistently for last seven years, like actual seven freaking years, Can you believe that? I sure wouldn't. In a few recent years Ive also tried writing what was going on in my life in about 2 or 3 words. Each time I see that sticky note, I can vividly recall the very moment and what was going through my mind when I did that previously and same until I the very first time.

I possibly couldn't explain every single entry and associated memory but would choose one for time being, this is from 28-4-17 along with Power cell text written next was Nxt replace JEE. This was from the time when I was preparing, Nah! working my ass off for National level exams and was scared and really confused about future. which university? which course? which city? Everything was so goddamn uncertain. As of Today, i.e 31Oct2020, I'm almost halfway through my college. Reading those words and recalling the time when I actually wrote that, is really strange feeling which is even stranger to articulate in words.

This feeling-realization is also of the top reasons why I like to keep a journal-dairy. Another Example, I occasionally make notes of my fears, and reading them again from a time when I've overpowered them brings a totally different kind of chills. Journalling If done consistently, will give a still vague but slightly better sense of time and how your changing with it. I cant believe how much writing my own thoughts consistently has helped me, even though at the time of writing they were most mundane and uninteresting. I only wish I've started this earlier.

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