Its just 3 more days to exams and I didn't made any significant progress. I am trying to keep calm mind but its not happening cause I just possibly can't fool myself anymore. I just have to stop every other activity and go all in, from tomorrow.

I think I would need to re consider and have to set some basic rules or guidelines for writing process. On Someways I've tried writing about a specific topic, which is some value towards the getting better at writing, but on most other days I am just writing whatever has happened on that day, which isn't really a creatively challenging task, so this doesn't add anything to getting better at writing.

Also It doesn't make sense to keep writing about mundane activities that I'm doing everyday. I don't want to completely eliminate them instead use them only when they support, or provide context to discussion.

What are these new rules/guidelines going to be? I dont know yet. Would have to search for insights and things that have worked with people. Will Try those and figure out what works best.

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