Unsung Heroes

There are places on internet which otherwise wouldn't have been possible without individual people taking the time from their lives and putting in the effort to keep those things running.

These are the kind of people who make and maintain opensource software, be the only person to keeping a very niche subreddit alive or keep curating niche things that only a few or if anyone reads or/and needs. They also exist beyond the internet, the other day was reading news about a man who dedicated his entire life to building a library, purchased books and made the library open and free for all. Also came across the story of a guy who spent decades planting trees, his sole efforts raised the overall forest percentage.

I often wonder what motivates them to keep doing what they are doing. Why don't they get celebrated, and often their work and efforts goes unnoticed, and faded into oblivion. Sure, they are obviously not doing this for any fame or recognization but isn't it duty of rest of us, who are the beneficiaries of their hard work, to support and celebrate them.

I definitely want to, and will support by donating as soon as I start earning, but for now I've decide to thank these unsung heroes. Will try to send at least a thank-you note, from now on.

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