New Begining

Even though exams were done on 26th, for some reason I didn't make an entry for last three days, probably because i was getting too lazy and forgetful. Anyways I hope not to skip any more days and keep the consistency, and also start focusing on other things.

I installed Obsidian and just started getting into the rabbit hole. The thing that i like most is it gives a free plan, unlike roamresearch where one has to pay before even trying out the app for themselves.

Another thing moving from notion to obsidian is its community plugins, when there was a highly requested feature in notion we had no other chance to but to wait for notion to build it but I am already seeing many custom plugins most of which i am still figuring out how to use.

In Notion Community, There are soo many good templates but i didn't find any pre-filled calendar, so that's what i am making, it will have all the dates of an year or maybe two/three years prefilled as entries in a database and other properties attached as month week etc.

While this journal was at pause i had some ideas of taking this forward. So, I will take notes and write about anything i find in the day as a daily entry and on one day of everyweek (preferably on friday) try to summaries it and make into somewhat useful or informative blog post or something like a newsletter.

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