What I’m doing now

Updated : 13Apr2021

The Devsnest Challenge

devsnest.in is Not for profit Coding Boot camp, with major focus on peer-learning. Want to be focused and follow along the curriculum consistently.

Finally working on Personal Website and Blog

I know, I know. This has been work in progress for a really long time, but this time its for real. hi.ibrar.in would be live soon.

Organizing Old Notes, Updating Note Taking System

Old notes have been accumulating into a large pile; need to filter, sort, delete and make sense of it all. The Current Note Taking system is itself isn't helping anymore I'm just hoarding stuff. Need a few changes in the way I collect, write, and organize notes for both online and offline.

Hello to Crypto & Stocks

I thought I missed the train when I wanted to buy bitcoin back in 2018 but as it turns out with most things, I was wrong. Even jumping today on crypto train is still early on when looking at Big Picture. So trying to learn anything and everything about the crypto world, one coin at a time. also switching to stocks in between for variance.

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