Note 15

Hmm it appears that the month of january is over and we are 10, almost 11 days into february. I was stressed out of my mind because of everything on my plate. I wanted to do well in school + work on my own projects + join a project team + work on college applications + have time for myself. I ended up dropping my personal project since I thought it was the thing that probably mattered the least.
I'm still really really worried about my college applications, there's just so much work I have to do and not enough time for me to write them how I'd like. Please northwestern, let me in. I'm begging you.
Well, at least I'm somehow doing well in school. I should end with around a 4.0 or 3.9 this quarter. God, school is such a pain in the ass. Well, I'll probably take it easy next quarter and just do school work and play video games and make sure my gpa is good. Trying to do all these things right now is really taking a toll on my brain.
I think I'm learning more about coding with the project team I'm on. I am trying out javascript/nodejs for the first time and god it was a pain just to install nodemon. I still have no real understanding of how to use VSCode so thats nice :) The webscraper project that i mentioned earlier is on backburner. I ran into an issue where I couldn't get information from IFRAMES. I'm thinking of using OCR to scrape the information but the problem is, is that I'd have to keep that info updated weekly which would probably be a pain. We'll see though, I'll work on that in like 2 months.
These days I'm just worried. I have so much riding on getting into either Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, WashU, Rice, and Stanford. I am literally putting all my eggs in one basket. I NEED TO TRANSFER. Maybe i'll add another school but honestly i'm not really passionate about any of the schools on the list besides northwestern. I have no clue what i'll do if I don't get in. I really can't pay for another year at the school I'm at now. I don't know. There's this huge weight over my head that's just slowly lowering. Here's hoping that all my work pays off.

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