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OSaD, D36

Fed up with work. Once again.
Afraid of writing. Once again.

OSaD, D35

The purpose of this blog is for me to publish one sentence a day. The first sentence is the one that matters--even if it's the shittiest sentence in the world. In fact, it's hopefully the shittiest sentence in the world.

OSaD, D34

In an era of social disconnection, a disease comes that forces us to social distance. Irony, lesson, or both?

OSaD, D33

God, may my work today please you and be in line with your mission in this world.

OSaD, D32

Keep meaningless pain and drama from your life.
Enjoy the pain that remains.

OSaD, D30

Don't be the one who tests God's grace, but the one who aims to please Him the most.

OSaD, D29

The Devil told me that getting closer to God was not for me, that is was egotistical and vain. It took me more than ten years of my life, but now I've realized that the opposite is true: living close to God requires utmost humility because we know that God us sees us exactly the way we are. The vain man does not want to come close to the light.

OSaD, D28

I've been writing (but not publishing) more than one post per day and I wonder if part of the exercise is also to restrain yourself to writing one post per day too.

As I write this, I come up with an answer: no. And the reason is because I've enjoyed that little inspiration I'm getting. This exercise is moving something inside me.

Action begets inspiration, not the other way around.

OSaD, D27

Está mañana pensé qué dulce debe ser vivir en ese espacio cerca a la unión con la Consciencia Cósmica en un cuerpo humano—de la forma en la que los bodhisattvas viven.

OSaD, D25

Espiritualidad es el arte de desnudarse frente a Dios.

OSaD, D24

If chance is what brought human beings to the highest level of evolution and complexity in this planet, shouldn't we accelerate the work of chance in our bodies to further accelerate the amazing work of biologic evolution?

How is it that radiotherapy is used to kill cancerous cells? Radiation changes the DNA of cancerous cells and as a result they lose the ability to reproduce uniformly. If chance was such a great agent of DNA amelioration, radiotherapy would have the opposite effect, i.e., it would create cancerous super cells.

What is the chance of white noise becoming a symphony. And if chance is all you need to create the human race, what is it that the hold Beethoven in a higher regard than a gambler at the craps table? The Fifth Symphony cannot be the work of chance, but the human species can?

OSaD, D26

Black people armed themselves to fight against oppression, confident that nobody could take a constitutional right from them. White people, not willing to mess with the Second Amendment, asked law enforcement to shoot them on sight. Today, Black people have chosen other means to fight, but whites still shoot them on sight.

OSaD, D23

Thinking that human beings are the products of accident requires extreme belief in magic. If a system with such high degree of orderliness can arise from chaos without external intervention, how is it that radiation does nothing on the human body but devastation? Why is it that out of the thousands of people who received high levels of radiation in Chernobyl, no one emerged as a more evolved being? Not even one.

OSaD, D22

More and more, our biggest challenges require global cooperation. First it was nuclear proliferation, today we face COVID and global warming. This is not a coincidence. We are at an inflection in our evolution. We either learn to work together or go back to the stone age.

OSaD, D21

Sometimes we think we are under the sway of impulses that are actually under our control. Today I'm learning about santosha.