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Wedding Flowers

Fresh flowers are a frequent guest on holidays. Throughout history, it was flowers that adorned celebrations and gave them special pomposity. Weddings are no exception. To this day, flower arrangements take pride of place in the banquet hall and take up a significant part of the budget.

Flowers are a seasonal product! There are varieties that bloom in winter, there are those that bloom only in summer. Our mothers had no choice what they managed to get - that was the decoration of the hall. Today, in the age of technological progress and a huge leap in the agricultural sector, on any day of the year you can buy absolutely any flower. The only question is the delivery time, cost and quality.

The fact is that even in the Netherlands they have learned to artificially grow all flower varieties, but they can not compete with seasonal buds. And to create exactly the same climate that a flower needs is just as problematic. That is why it is possible to get the desired variety, however, you need to be prepared that it will differ from the "natural" counterparts. In addition, it is worth preparing a considerable amount to pay for transport costs and expenses for the maintenance of flower farms.

That is why a florist cannot guarantee you the shade of a particular flower. This is a product that depends on many factors. If you saw black roses in the Instagram photo, this does not mean that such exist. Remember that in our time everything can be photographed. Do not make a scandal if at the base of the petals the color of the roses turns into cream, yellow or even green. This is absolutely normal. Do you want the same shots as in the popular public? Ask your wedding photographer to slightly edit the desired pictures. Believe me, such trifles are not at all worth the spoiled mood on the wedding day. Flowers are beautiful in their own right, and no one will notice a half-tone difference from the dress.


A wedding is a day that almost every girl dreams of since childhood. And, of course, everything is perfect in dreams! However, harsh reality can make its own adjustments and anxiety, irritation and fatigue will come to the place of unlimited happiness.

Мain secret of comfort on the wedding day is the work of the organizer and coordinator. Do not think about the timely delivery of the cake, do not worry about the sound check of the group, do not hold a constantly ringing mobile phone. Such tasks and many others should not be your concern. This is work, work for professionals, and your most important task is to enjoy a unique event!

It’s worth thinking not only about your comfort. The guests and the team that works with you on this day also deserve this. After all, the mood of celebration and memories in many respects depend on them. Try to avoid long walks in the park on a hot day. Do not forget water and some kind of snack.

How to choose a wedding photographer?

How to choose a wedding photographer? When you start looking for a wedding photographer, you will come across dozens of different photographers who adhere to a variety of styles, techniques, and processing methods. At first glance it might even seem that they are all the same and it’s very difficult to choose your photographer. But you just have to carefully consider the choice of a photographer...

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If you want the perfect photo shoot, then you need to start planning it in 2-3 weeks. So you can slowly think through the image, find a make-up artist and most importantly – choose the time that is most convenient for you in a suitable photo studio.

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The Importance of High-Quality Wedding Photography: Why it Matters

When someone is planning their wedding, there are a lot of details that the family is going to have to consider. This includes items such as the dress, the food, the venue, the guest list, and more. It is easy to see how this can overwhelm someone who doesn’t go through this process on a regular basis. Because of this, it is easy for someone to overlook something as important as wedding photography. Hiring a wedding photographer, for too many couples, might be viewed as a last-minute add-on; however, this could end up being a big mistake. Deciding on a wedding photographer should be just as important, if not more important, than many of the other details that the couple is going to have to put together. There are several reasons why professional wedding photography is one of the most important parts of the big day.

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Photographer for your wedding celebration

Wedding is one of the brightest and most solemn events in the life of every person. Such a beautiful event must be captured by a professional wedding photographer.

Wedding photos occupy an important place in the family album, they keep the story of your family. They are shown to guests, friends and children. The most important requirement for a wedding photographer is the ability to shoot weddings beautifully. Wedding photographer must see the composition and be able to catch exciting wedding moments that convey the emotions of that day.

Among hundreds of thousands of modern wedding photos, it is not easy to find those that are distinguished by originality. People strive for some originality.
A fairly small number (in percentage) of photographers can offer some fresh ideas for the wedding. And the services of those professionals who can do this are usually quite expensive. Here, the newlyweds should think about it - invest in a beautiful and unique memory of the most memorable day of life, or save by getting high-quality, but worn-out shots.

For many people, it is important that wedding photos remain a personal asset, and not be put on the Internet in a portfolio without permission. The ethical moment is very important when choosing a wedding photographer.

If the budget is limited, but you need a cool photographer, there is a solution. To invite a good photographer to a part-time wedding, paid hourly, many now offer such services.

At a wedding walk, it is advisable to pay attention only to the newlyweds, this is the time when you can take beautiful staged photographs and it is desirable that no one distracts you.

Sometimes you can see wedding photos, looking at which it feels like there was one photographer and the newlyweds. Or, on the contrary, that the groom and the bride hid so that no one saw them. In order to prevent this, it makes sense to invite two photographers. Especially if your wedding has 50 or more guests. No matter how good a photographer is, a photographer alone will simply not be able to capture the whole variety of events taking place among so many people. After all, it is very important that the memory of such a significant event remains with each participant in the celebration. It often happens that one of the guests does not get into the frames, and then, especially if it was a relative, insults and lamentations begin.

15 Basic Steps to Get Ready for Your Wedding

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14 Fun Wedding Photo Ideas

The couple that laughs together, stays together, so start your marriage off right with loads of fun on your wedding day. And capture that fun on film. Here are 14 fun wedding photo ideas to consider for your special day:

Create an Optical Illusion

I don’t know about you, but optical illusions have never lost my interest. And they can be extra fun in your wedding pictures. These can be done in many ways, but here’s my favorite: The bride hikes up her skirt to show off her legs. Though everyone is expecting smooth and feminine, out pops the groom’s hairy and very masculine leg instead. Be sure to take the picture from the side for the full effect. This photo will provide shock value for decades to come.

Recreate the Infamous Spiderman Scene

Mary Jane kissing Spiderman upside down is one of the most iconic kissing scenes of our time. The groom does not have to dress as Spiderman- unless he just wants to- but hanging upside down while kissing his bride will make for one sweet picture.

Fantastic Four is Always a Great Option

Of course, you can choose Fantastic 4 recreations for more excitement. The Reed Richards and Sue Storm wedding provides a great photo opportunity- the actual wedding at the end of the movie. The bride and groom could dress up as these two lovable characteristics as they run from their wedding to save the day. If you just so happen to have a helicopter in your backyard, the almost-wedding at the beginning of the movie would work, too. 

Let the Primal Need Out

If you are looking for humor, take it back to prehistoric times. The groom can throw his bride over his shoulder to carry her to or away from the wedding ceremony. “Me man, want woman” can be a fun caption.

The Bridal Party Salon Trip

And really, what can be more humorous than having a wedding party salon day…with the groom? Line the bridesmaids and bride down the salon chairs as they get their nails done. Have the groom right in the middle, having his done as well. If you can manage to wrangle all the groomsmen in, it would be priceless. 

The Impatient Groom

The wedding is all about the bride while the honeymoon is all for the groom, so they say. How adorable would it be to show the impatient groom trying to break down the bride’s dressing room door while the bridal party fights to keep him out? To drive the point home even farther and increase the hilarity, the groomsmen can be on the side of the door with the groom trying to hold him back.

She Put a Ring on It

It is always fun for the bride-to-be to show off her engagement ring and her girlfriends to surround her with hands over mouths, fanning themselves to fight back the tears. How about flipping the script? Have the groom stand around showing off his wedding band while his buddies imitate the bride’s friends.

A Real Shotgun Wedding

People like to talk about shotgun weddings, so why not give them something to talk about? The bride and groom can be standing side by side while holding their shotguns, or back-to-back as they aim them. This can be great fun for any couple, but would especially be enjoyable for couples who like to hunt together. 

Rapunzel Style

Have the bride at a window letting down her hair for her groom to climb up and rescue her. If the groom can jump up in a climbing pose, it would be all the better. 

The Runaway Bride

The bride should be wearing tennis shoes for this one as she is attempting to run away. The groom grabs on to her dress or veil in some way. Having the groom lasso his bride while she is running would make it even cuter.

Love is in the Air

Unless your ring bearer already thinks girls have cooties, you can probably talk him into giving the flower girl a smooch on the cheek. If you can get them to hold hands, that would make it even sweeter. (If you must, bribe them with cake. That should work.)

And Still in the Air

If you can manage the previous picture without too much fussing, take it a step further. Let the flower girl catch the bouquet while the ring bearer is off to the side, hands on his cheeks, and mouth wide open. If the little ones will not cooperate, maybe some grown-ups in your wedding party will.

Daddy of the Bride's Immortal Warning

If the bride’s daddy has not verbally threatened the groom before, he at least thought it. Help the groom remember it every day with a picture of him getting a stern “talking to”. If Daddy has some tough buddies, having them all surrounding the groom with crossed arms while he looks frightened would be hilarious, especially for the bride’s daddy. He will get a kick out of it for years to come. 

The Dog Would Work Here, Too

If the bride has a dog, try catching a pose with the dog staring the groom down. You could either put a caption on the picture, or a chalkboard around his neck that reads something like, “You better treat her right. Remember, I bite”. 

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Wild Wedding Ideas That Were Never Possible Until Now

Wedding trends have always been exciting. Seeing how people organize, plan, and celebrate their one (hopefully) big day never gets old. Over the years, one of the most interesting things to watch are the ways advances in technology and materials manufacturing make new expressions of the matrimonial moment possible. Here, we’ll cover 10 crazy wedding trends that have never before been possible- not at least without dropping a cool million.

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20 Tips From Professional Wedding Photographer

A wedding photo shoot has long become an integral and very important part of the celebration itself. So that she brings real pleasure to the bride and groom, and photos pleased you for many years, follow these simple rules from professional wedding photographer

Agree on a wedding day schedule with a wedding photographer

Pictures taken in natural light are very beautiful and vibrant. The photographer will tell you when it is better to set aside time for shooting in order to avoid sharp shadows, excessive contrast and a bright, blinding sun.

Follow the schedule clearly

Take your wedding day schedule with all responsibility. Delay in an hour can significantly affect the quality of photographs. Do not think that 10 minutes will be enough for shooting, and try not to linger.

Ask the guests with the camera not to interfere with the work of a professional

Almost every celebration, there is a friend or relative who has brought along semi-professional or professional photo equipment and is trying to shoot as many additional frames as possible for the newlyweds. In fact, such a zealous assistant only interferes with the work of the pros you hired. Just ask this person, if any, to leave the camera at home and relax at your wedding.

Hire a second photographer

If you still want to be shot from different angles, presented with a different vision of your couple and the style of shooting, then do not rely on an amateur photo. Hire a second photographer - so the likelihood that you will be delighted with wedding photos will be one hundred percent.

Explain how you would like to appear in the photo

Beauty is a subjective concept, so it’s better to explain to the photographer how you would like to see yourself in wedding photos. Better yet, give him some examples of pictures in which you like and vice versa. It is easier for people in the creative profession to assess the situation visually - then there will definitely be no problems.

Do not overly focus on the photo shoot

A good photographer should be able to make not only beautiful production shots, but also to capture the best moments of the wedding day, quietly shoot high-quality portraits and not distract the newlyweds from communicating with guests more than they should.

Designate the person responsible for group shots.

At the wedding everyone wants a photo with the bride and groom. If you are planning a large number of guests at your celebration, then assign someone from your friends or relatives the position of organizer of group photos. In this case, the process will not be so long and tiring.

Do not strive for excellence

Everything happens at the wedding, not everything always goes according to plan. Remember that a smile is your main weapon against circumstances. Do not worry about trifles, the roughness of the wedding day will soon be forgotten, and photos with your happy smile will remain in the family album.

Do not postpone all group photos for a while after the ceremony

Take time before the ceremony to take some pictures of the bride and groom. If you want to take joint photos only after you officially become husband and wife, then you risk not having time to visit all the planned places for the photo shoot.
Do not get carried away with posing

The best shots come when you are natural. Do not depict anything, just show your sincere feelings, and the photographer will certainly catch the most touching moments.

Do not look at the camera all the time.

In continuation of the topic of posing - do not also constantly look at the camera. Behave naturally, the photographer will direct you in the right direction and ask you to look at him when necessary.

Book a photographer in advance

The best pros are very much in demand, so do not wait or choose too long. If you know who you want to see as your wedding photographer, book your wedding date as early as possible.

Do not require too many images

A lot does not mean quality. A good photographer does not need to take a few takes to catch the perfect shot. Also, do not write a huge list of mandatory personnel, including basic ones. We are sure that the photographer himself knows what must be captured. Better focus his attention on the unusual photos that you want.

List the frames that you do not need.

Someone does not like too distant shots, someone doesn’t like shots taken with a wide-angle lens. Or maybe you do not want the photographer to take you from a certain angle? Then be sure to tell him about it so that he does not waste time on those shots that you obviously will not like.

Choose a photographer with whom you can easily find a common language

If your communication with the photographer was not successful from the very beginning, then wedding photography risks turning into a stressful and not quite comfortable process for you. No matter how professional the photographer is, his personal sympathy for you, as well as yours for him, increases the chances of an excellent result of collaboration.

Do not give up on the love story

Shooting a love story is the chance to get to know your photographer better. At the wedding, you will already feel more confident in front of the camera, and the photographer will appreciate your successful camera angles, temperament and style of your couple.

Choose a professional

Do not save on wedding photography, trust only professional photographers. Believe me, having saved, you can be very disappointed in receiving pictures. And to repeat this happy day will no longer be possible.

Do not get involved in photo trends

Trends in wedding photography can be very relevant, but they will not overshadow the classics. Some new-fangled tricks are unlikely to be clear to your children and grandchildren, years later. Better let your photographer shoot in a classic style with little experimentation and not go too far with the processing.

Do not forget about the details

You spent so much time and effort preparing for the wedding, that it would be a real crime not to capture the result of your work in detail. Especially if there are any decor elements made by you or your loved ones. Such personal details deserve special attention on this day.
Smile and have fun

Let me remind you about a smile again. We mentioned it but it does not hurt to repeat - when you go to meet each other before the ceremony, look into the eyes of your soulmate and smile. And ask the guests not to be sad and not look sadly under their feet or on the phone, because this is the most solemn moment of the day!

More photography tips

Engagement Photoshot at Vizcaya

Check out our exciting engagement shoot with this beautiful couple. What an amazing love story...

Spring Wedding 2020 | 5 Main Trends for an Unforgettable Spring Wedding

Spring wedding has its pros and cons, but if the newlyweds have already decided on the date of the ceremony in the most romantic time of the year, then you should know all the main fashion trends for organizing a spring wedding in 2020.

Trend No. 1: Wedding Dress Details

When choosing a wedding dress each bride finds a certain repetition of trends in stylish photos on Instagram and in collections of designers. Wedding dresses with a neckline “boat”, or otherwise “bateau”, are grateful for their popularity to the main bride of 2018 Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex also revives fashion for wedding tiaras. A variety of bows, magnificent sleeves and sparkle (both incredibly bright and barely noticeable) can decorate a fashionable wedding dress in the spring of 2020. Special attention should be paid to the trend for wedding overalls. American and European fashionistas have already appreciated how comfortable wedding overalls can be at away ceremonies.

Trend No. 2: Branded Invitations

Unique invitations and non-standard wedding branding of menus, signs, napkins and other things are gaining popularity. Brides order wedding branding in non-standard stationery departments. The monograms on the cakes or the decoration of the bar at the exit ceremony will make your wedding truly unique, so you need to choose a good company that provides catering services. Strong companies in the field of catering have the opportunity to decorate their equipment to your wedding style and create exactly the cake design that you need.

Trend # 3: Trendy Wedding Colors in Spring 2020

To organize a banquet in honor of the wedding, you can use one of the fashionable flowers of 2020 in the design. After several years of using pastel colors, fresh and vibrant burst into the design of weddings bright and rich colors - burgundy, turquoise and emerald. Such colors for decor elements, dishes, even bridesmaid dresses will be in perfect harmony with the young spring greens at the visiting ceremony.

Trend No. 4: Flowers

The banquet decoration for weddings does not lose its relevance. Flowers can be used in the design of a banquet hall or a tent at an exit ceremony, and you can also order a special floral wedding presidium that will perfectly complement the atmosphere of a wedding in nature. Round presidiums and arches of various geometric shapes are popular this spring. Dahlias, peonies and buttercups will be especially popular in bouquets and buttonholes..

Trend # 5: Unusual menu items

Special attention deserves a banquet menu for a wedding in the spring. Couples become more creative by choosing picturesque on-site ceremonies, which in a special way affects the choice of food. Now, it is important for catering companies to be able to create not just a banquet, but an unusual buffet, in which a separate bar is dedicated to one type of product, for example, a seafood bar. Food and drinks should be liked first of all by you and your guests, so you can serve your favorite dishes in a stylish design.

Fashion trends for a wedding in 2020 have their own rules and patterns, but they are all aimed at making each wedding unique and unforgettable in its own way.

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5 Secrets of a Modern Wedding

“A wedding happens only once in a lifetime,” the newlyweds like to say, and therefore approach the organization of their personal celebration with great responsibility and serious intentions. And for us, experts in the field...

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The wedding concept reflects the individuality of the newlyweds, their character, style and taste preferences. She, like a script for a movie, is able to turn your triumph into a real fairy tale - a bright and unique one. So that each guest, returning home, will remain impressed by what he has seen and heard for a long time. When it comes to the concept of a wedding, a universal recipe does not exist - every detail requires an individual and creative approach. For each couple, we develop our own unique concept based on a love story, hobbies, dreams and character.

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6 Big Wedding Trends for 2020

Of course, every reaction has its equal and opposite reaction, and as small weddings grow in popularity, so do big weddings… really big weddings. Call it an artifact of a booming economy, or just call it a trend — either way, very big, lavish weddings are also gaining steam. And we expect this to continue well into 2021.
We think what we’re seeing overall is a push toward the extremes. People are looking to express themselves. So whether you’re more inclined to the small and humble, or the big and fabulous- 2020 will be the year for you. One important common thread with both of our matrimonial extremes is heightened interest in high-quality wedding photography. It would seem that both our understated and overstated couples are equally keen to have their event well documented. And we will see that as a common thread for all of our other wedding trends as well.

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Ides for the Perfect Wedding Photos

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and having great photos that you can look back on with fondness for years to come is a must. Your traditional photos are great, but having photos that are unique to you and your spouse is always special and can make your photos that much more precious. Here are 5 ideas that can make your wedding photos one of a kind.

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Note 2

A wedding is an unforgettable day in the life of every couple in love. When it comes to the concept of a wedding, a universal recipe does not exist - every detail requires an individual and creative approach. For each couple, we develop our own unique concept based on a love story, hobbies, dreams and character...

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Photography Marketing Brochure | Instant Download


6 Engagement Photography Tips that Will Make Your Shoot Go Smoothly

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments in a couple's life. Sharing the experience with loved ones near and far is part of the joy. Some couples want to capture a surprise engagement, other want to have professional studio photos before the wedding to use as gifts or in wedding invitation announcements. Whatever the reason, engagement photo sessions are a very romantic and valuable idea. Years from now you’ll look back at the pictures and cherish every moment. But before you schedule your engagement photo session, here are a few tips for you.


Wedding Photographer Tips

Your wedding is one of the most joyful events in your life. To save and share memories of this event, you should hire a good wedding photographer.

Follow these tips to make the right choice.